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David Mudd

Google Phone 47.0 :Ready To Add ‘Flip To Silence’ Phone Calls And Response With One-Way Video

There is great news for  Google Pixel users. The Google 47.0 version adds a spellbound feature to the Google phone app.

The new Google 47.0 version of the google phone app is worked out in beta channel today. And APK unveiled new features coming to the Pixels dialer app.

It is presenting users with new outlines like “Flip to Silence” and “Answer in One-way video”.

These new elements are currently not available on Google Pixel but will be added to the upcoming Pixel.

Flip To Silence


Now, stop your incoming calls by simply face your phone down.

Yes, The new ‘Flip to silence’ feature is added to the Google phone app. This new creation allows users to silence the ringtone from oncoming phone calls by simply placing the phone face down on a flat surface.

It has already implemented ‘Flip to Silence’ to the Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 4.

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 But how ‘Flip to Silence’ differ from ‘Flip to Shh’?

 Yes, coming to this question there is no quite different between the two. If Flip to Shh is not available then, Flip to Silence will take it action. This Flip to Shh is available not only Pixels but also android phones. There is still doubt that Google is going to plan this new element to non-Pixel users or not.

Answer With One-Way Video


The most interesting and advanced piece is answering a one-way video.

What do you think, this peculiar element adds your phone a special mark?

Imagine, your incoming call allows you to see others but blocks others to see you.

Yes, this is what the feature adds to your phone. The 47.0 version allows Pixels users to see the video from other callers but they won’t be able to see you.

This one string-based code adds the most significant point to the Google phone app users.