Google: I/O Is Officially Cancelled – Will Not Take Place Online


David Mudd

Technology makes us powerful in this fast world. Whenever we need to know about anything, it will be just one click away. Technology with the power of the internet brings everything in our grasp. And when we’re talking about technology and the internet, we dare not forget one most important name. Yes, I’m talking about Google here. Even we can say that this platform is the ruling web world.


We all know what Google does, but do we know basic information about it? The answer will come “No” from most of us. Well, it is an American multinational company. Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded this while they were Ph.D. students on 4th September 1998. Sundar Pichai becomes the CEO by replacing Larry Page as he becomes Alphabet’s CEO.

This foundation turned the internet world into a whole new path. It takes over Tech-world like the Internet, Cloud Computing, Computer Software, Computer Hardware, Artificial intelligence, Advertising. Ti is also one of the four biggest technology companies (others are Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft).

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After releasing “Google Search”, the company gained rapid growth. It offers various types of services like Google Docs, maps. Gmail, Google Drive, Google Translate, YouTube, etc. The company launched “Google Chrome” a web browser for the Android mobile operating system. It is the most visited website in the world followed by YouTube and Blogger. According to 2017’s survey, it is also the most valuable brand in the world.


I/O Is Officially Canceled Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Effect On Italy

As we know coronavirus is affecting the world, it’s like a curfew on the globe. It is the main reason for canceling of many big events. Now it also canceled it’s I/O 2020 which was the biggest event of this year. In the first place, they stated that this event may take place online. But they canceled it completely now.

I/O 2020 was supposed to hold in California. But there are 900 confirmed infection cases of COVID-19 in California. So, for the sake of the health and safety of their employees and developers, they canceled it. Meanwhile, Google is going to donate 1 million dollars for helping Mountain View Organization to raise awareness against coronavirus.

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