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Google: Google Is Working On 4K/HDR Streaming To Android TV For Stadia


David Mudd

There is an amazing piece of information for all the techno geeks out there. Google Stadia is working on a new project and it is going to amaze you to no bounds. It is trying to develop an option for 4K streaming. Google is going to bring it to you very soon.

And until then you should stay connected to find out all the bits and pieces of information that you can. With this, Google will bring a revolution in technology and will please its audience. So this is another way to win us. Google is trying to bring its best out now.

And the mere thought of being able to enjoy it is wonderful. So start taking notes about it until you get to lay your hands on it. This new service is going to be amazing. Read on to know more about it.

What Is Google Working On?


Google is working on an amazing new service for Stadia. It is working on giving an option for streaming at 4K and HDR quality. This will be applicable for all android TVs. And the best part is that it will also come with additional built-in messaging.

So a lot of services will be shifted to your Android TV making it even better and simple to use. Also, you’ll be enjoying your content at the best possible quality so there isn’t anything wrong with this right?

Now this will be a new addition to your must-haves. It will significantly help you and enable you to text along with the streaming. Also, you’ll enjoy all your content on great quality. It will feature 4K HDR quality. And if this isn’t amazing, we don’t know what is.

What Do We Know About It?

Other than this, there isn’t much that we know about it right now. This is because everything is under wraps as of now. Also, there isn’t much official information on what is going to happen with this service.

Of what we know, it is clear that 4K streaming will be a whole another toggle. So it will not be tied to your data usage and other such settings.

Moreover, you will now get a capture button. This will be enabled on the Stadia Controller. There is much more about this. But it will be coming real soon. So keep yourself updated on this.

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More Details About This

Using the Stadia controller, now you can share your captures similar to the sharing of the link on Google Photos. So you can share this with your friends to double the fun of what you’re watching.

Also, with the built-in messaging, it is going to be a complete take on all things good. The messaging app will be cloud-based.

And you can converse with your friends over a string of text messages through this. Now, other details about it will be out soon. But as of now, there isn’t much out about it.