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Google: Google Can Give AR Science Lessons Right From The Search Page


David Mudd

Google launched an Augmented Reality feature in Search last year. It was a great feature that allowed users to add virtual animals into the real world. Now in this year, Google is adding another advanced feature together with it. Itis that you can view more 3D objects right from the search results page on your mobile. Besides, it even includes interactive anatomy models that help you to visualize the human body. Niel Amstrong’s spacesuit is also can be seen in 3D models in the Search.

The team-up of Google with 3Dsoftware platform Biodigital made it happen to view life-size interactive models of human body systems in your devices. These are not just paper model flat structures instead it gives an elaborated view of the systems. It even shows how the human heart pumps blood and how bones are connected.


How To Experience The New Feature Yourself (Google)

If you want to see the new feature. You just can simply search it in the search feature of Google. Say “the circulatory system” and scroll down to find the 3D model card and select “View in 3D”. More 3D models of animals, plants, and bacteria are also included in it. These are developed by collaborating with Visible Body.

The new feature will allow you to zoom and observe each and every angle of the objects. This will make much easier while you are studying for a test or you are just curious to see it.

After all these things, the tech giant also provides you a virtual escape while staying inside the home. Besides, you can view Niel Armstrong’s spacesuit and Appollo 11’s command module in AR.


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