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Google: Google Brings Back Popular Doodle Game For You To Stay Home, Play Games And Have Fun


David Mudd

Every company is trying its best to encourage people to stay in their homes. The coronavirus outbreak has hit people hard. And they are trying to find new muses while at home.

Some are turning to stream shows or movies, others are tending to go to games. So at this time where you can find yourself and make the most of the day, Google is trying to help you. It has started a new ‘Stay and Play at Home’ doodle series.

And this is exactly what we wanted during the time of this lockdown. It helps people to stay in their homes and gives them a nice muse to follow. So make the most of this lockdown while you see what this is. Google is here to make it more fun than you think it could be.


What Is The New Game?

Doodle games have earlier also been popular on Google. And this time this series is trying to get it back. Now the game Coding came back. It was one of the most hit games in 2017. So Google is bringing this series to encourage people to stay at home.

Now they can stay at home and spend the most time there. This way, we can practice the right norms to avoid any further spread of the coronavirus. This will see the launch of the throwback Doodle series. So you will see one of the best Google Doodle games.

What To Do?

Now there is a doodle of someone sitting on the computer screen on the Google Homepage. You just have to go there and click it. Then, you’ll be redirected to a new page that will enable you to play this game.

This series is started with Coding and there will be new games on it very soon. They are hidden for now but will be available when they’ll be relaunched. So this can be an awesome opportunity to kill your time while in the lockdown.

Also, you can make the most of what you have during this time. Go get your hands on this game.

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More About It (Google)

Every day we get a new doodle. During the computer science education week, you got this 6 level game. It is called Coding for Carrots. In this game, you have to move a rabbit across several tiles to each carrot.

This is done by playing the blocks one after the other. Now this game is super easy and fun to play. It was first launched way back in 2017. So now that it is coming back, everyone should try it again.

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