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Google: Google Assistant Will Now Play A 40 Seconds Song While You Wash Your Hands


David Mudd

Just say “Hey Google, Help Me Wash My Hands” and your Google Assistant will play a 40 seconds song while you wash. Read ahead to know more.

World Health Organisation declares coronavirus as a pandemic. Except, Antarctica, all continents tested positive for coronavirus. Furthermore, to date, 318,636 are positive cases of coronavirus globally.

The vaccine for coronavirus is still in its testing face. You need to practice Social distancing and quarantining.


Italy hits the worst from the coronavirus. Deaths in Italy have surpassed the number of deaths occurred in China due to coronavirus.

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Australia Puts Indefinite Ban On Foreign Travel For Citizens

Google Assistant

Google entered into a partnership with the World Health Organisation to launch a new Google Assistant. Washing hands has become the primary task amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

The new Google Assistant tells you how to wash hands for forty seconds. Furthermore, it is available across all Google Assistant Devices. Users have to say ” Hey Google, Help Me Wash My Hands”. As a result, the Google Assistant will play a 40-second song on how to wash your hands.


The display will show full-screen graphics with soapy bubbles bouncing. Also, you can see the lyrics on Android and iOS. The purpose of this is to spread awareness and importance of washing hands in the present scenario which has put the world onto an infectious risk.

Washing Hands Steps Issued By WHO

The World Health Organisation has issued eleven steps of washing hands. Firstly you need to wet your hands with water. Furthermore, apply soap to cover all hand surfaces. Then you need to rub hands palm to palm.

Rub your right palm with left and vice-versa. Also, rub palm to palm with your fingers interlaced. Then rub the back of your fingers properly. Furthermore, you should be your hands for 40 seconds or 20 seconds the least as stated by the World Health Organisation.