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Google Continues Adding Features Into Its Video Calling App Google Duo

Whenever people find out the possibilities of video calls and conferences after starting social distancing. Zoom became the one application that people selected for their all in all purposes. It was not luck. Instead, it was the result came because of the features provided by the app. Since that time, Google and other tech giants are working on every level to pinch some of the market share amassed by Zoom.

They made many changes in their membership plans, increased the user limit, and added fun factors. They added one-click calls feature for its business based Google Meet app. Besides, they did updates for Google Duo, another video calling app from Google. Still, they are not at all thinking about slowing down its work until making it better than what Zoom provides.

Google Duo gets improved low-bandwidth video calls, new features ...

What Are With The New Update In Google Duo

A family mode is available now in the Google Duo. In this, they added special masks and filters to make fun with children. Also, they made the mute and hang-up buttons hidden, It is to avoid the accidental hit from the children. Several video filters are also available if you need to make your face funny.

The web version of the app also getting improved. In some weeks, group video calls will be available in the browser-based version. Google already raised the limit of participants in a video call to 12. It again going to increase the limit up to 32.

Many apps are getting upgraded like this after the Zoom became popular during the novel coronavirus outbreak. The competition is for the best. After all, people get better applications with lots of features and security.

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