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Google Chrome Update Is On The Way With The Most Wanted Security Updates


David Mudd

Upcoming Chrome update will be a bundle of new features that enhance security and user privacy. Besides, Google is making some of the remaining features much easier to reach out and use. The whole interface will get a revamp that will make the things in the settings and menu more clearer.

Changes Happening In Chrome

Some of the Chrome icons and features will be rearranged to make everything more simple. The site settings and clear browsing data option are being rearranged to a more prominent position. After all, it has security and privacy updates including DNS over HTTPS. Also, it comes with a new updated safety check tool.

You will get notified if any of your passwords becomes a part of any security breaches. Moreover, it gives advice on what to do in such circumstances. Besides, it notifies you about dangerous browser extensions installed in your Chrome. Ensures if you are using the latest and secure version of Chrome.

Google Chrome - Download the Fast, Secure Browser from Google

The safe browsing features are also enhanced and it will look after your browsing. That included making sure that you are not visiting any dangerous sites. Or downloading any malicious software. After all, here comes the Secure DNS feature. It is Google‘s version of DNS over HTTPS. This will ensure that third parties are not able to intercept. For that it encrypts the DNS lookups.

A new puzzle icon will be available on the toolbar. it will be used to access browser extensions and its control permissions.