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Google Assistant: Tweak Increases The Voice AI’s Ability To Identify Your Voice


David Mudd

“Hey, now, you will know me well. What I’m, who I’m and you will recognize my voice too.” Don’t freak out guys, these are for my “Google Assistant”. Yeah, now my Google Assistant is going to be my friend, who will know my voice, recognize me very well, and talks to me.

Okay, now this is not wired thing because GOOGLE ASSISTANT is going to have this feature soon. If you want to have your personalized assistant I prefer you this for sure. Without beating the bush more, let’s look into the real topic.

Now ‘Google AI Assistant’ Is Going To Recognize Your Voice, With Almost Six Different Voices Too:

Google Assistant

As, of today whoever using Google’s Home speaker as Assistant, then you may think that your assistant is not able to tell who you are. Means, it will not tell your name, but just does the instructions given by you. If you want it to be more friendly, then its high time to have the new feature of it.

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The new mesmerizing feature got up on Google AI Assistant, can identify your voice, just by training it few times, like saying “Hello, Google”, “Hey, Google”, “OK, Google”.

Including this interesting feature, we have nail-biting news too. Because Google Assistant can identify “Six Voices”, Woah!! Splendid, right. Now, this feature is already added to a few android phone assistants and is soon air on the Home assistant. If you had a family of six members then tie on, this time only one single machine is going to work for you all. The only thing you need to do is to train every time as I said earlier.

Google Assistant

This will differ from Amazon’s Alexa. The Alexa sweep out all assistants a few months ago, by its innovative and mesmerizing features. But, hold on it is going to bet you by this new feature, in identifying many voices in one time.

Get on with this new technology, and enjoy the features.

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