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Google And Youtube: The Social Platforms Help Families Educate Students At Home


David Mudd

Google and Youtube help teachers and families to educate students. All schools and colleges across the world are closed due to coronavirus. Online classes are conducted. Read ahead to know more.

Status Of Coronavirus Globally

World Health Organisation declares coronavirus as a pandemic. Except, Antarctica, all continents tested positive for coronavirus. Furthermore, to date, 318,636 are positive cases of coronavirus globally.

However, 13,674 people have died and 96,004 have successfully recovered from coronavirus. The vaccine for coronavirus is still in its testing face. You need to practice Social distancing and quarantining.


Italy hits the worst from the coronavirus. Deaths in Italy have surpassed the number of deaths occurred in China due to coronavirus. Students globally get online classes.

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President Trump’s Result For Coronavirus Are Out

How Is Google Helping?

Google is playing a crucial role in providing online classes to students. Universities, colleges, and schools use Google Zoom and Google Classroom to teach students online.

Furthermore, Google Zoom is online video conferencing. The professor can teach the entire class on it. Moreover, he can show ppts and word documents to students. Also, one session is of 40 minutes. You have to pay money to buy the premium account.

Google And Youtube

Furthermore, the professor can mute students, take online attendance and so on. Students can speak by unmuting their mike. Google zoom is downloadable from the Google Playstore.

Google Classroom is used by teachers to upload online assignments and syllabus. Students need to enter the classroom code provided by the teacher. Furthermore, they need to complete the assignments and submit them to Google Classroom itself.

How Is Youtube Helping?

Many professors and faculties make a Youtube channel. They upload study material in the form of videos. Students can learn the modules uploaded in the form of a video on Youtube.

Google And Youtube

It is free of cost. Neither the students nor the teacher has to pay anything. The teachers don’t have to pay money to create videos. The students don’t have to pay any money to watch those videos.

It becomes convenient for both students as well as the teachers.