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Google And Apple: The COVID-19 Contact Tracing Tech Faces Some Issues, Apple Tries To Fix It


David Mudd

As now the entire World going through the dreadful period and struggling in the suffocating disease called coronavirus. Not a single place is free from this virus, almost there is a trace of the virus in at least one in every fifties. All organizations including the cine field, technology developers contributing their funds to the government to rescue people from this pandemic. As of this alarming time, The biggest developers Apple and Google came together with the helping hand.

Google and Apple are announcing a joint effort to enable the use of Bluetooth technology to help governments and health agencies. This will reduce the spread of the virus, with user privacy and security central to the design.

Google And Apple

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Google And Apple New Invention

The new invention, known as contact-tracing, helps users in reminding them to be in quarantine or isolate themselves if got contact with the affected person.

The new technology involves for iPhones and Android phones to pass the information of the affected people via apps run by all health authorities. The companies will also release frameworks for public health apps to manage functionality.

Through this, one can get to know if the other person tests positive for COVID-19. For this, the affected person needs to add the data to the respective public health app. Then users who they came into proximity with over the previous several days will be notified of their contact. This period could be 14 days, but health agencies can set the time range.

In mid-May, the companies will add to iPhones and Android phones to pass information via apps run by public health authorities. In the second step, both companies will add the technology directly to the operating systems so this contact-tracing software works without downloading the app.

Google And Apple

The new technology is spellbound but it too shares risk in making the affected people info publically. Apple and Google informed on Friday that their system preserves users’ privacy. Consent is required and location data is not collected. The technology also won’t notify users who they came into contact with, or where that happened. The companies informed they can’t see this data either and said it can be closed at any time.