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Google : All Updates On Hold To Keep The Site Stable And Run Smoothly

Google is making a temporary hold on all updates. It includes Chrome and OS updates. The company is taking this decision for functional and stable working. It is essential for the huge numbers of people. Millions of people are working from home in the present situation.

Companies have been forced into this because of the novel coronavirus. Google employees also included in this. So, they know the situation well. Employees of Google in the United States has told to work from home until April 10.

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More Details On Holding Updates

Updates are held to ensure stable and secure usage of Chrome. Google said that it will prioritize updates related to security. This will help from the slow down of Internet usage. Updates of Chrome always made some problems with usage. It is not a good thing to happen in the present situation.

Updates always can cause a temporary slow down in devices. Chrome was updated regularly until now. Besides, all of them were not equally successful. If any of the updates have any bugs. That will never be a good thing to happen in this situation. All these factors make sense in Google’s decision to hold the updates.

Security updates are more important than any other. So, Google said that it will prioritize security updates. Chrome 80 will pack all Important security updates. Let’s hope for no major issues for Chrome users until everything gets back into its regular form.


Many of the updates are made upon different requests of users. That will make many bugs in every update. Further news will be shared when it is available. Many online applications also hold their maintenance work temporarily. That will be a good gesture at present.

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