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Good Morning Call Season 3- Renewed or Cancelled


David Mudd

Hey, do you know what Good Morning Call Season 3 is? I think most of you don’t know…… So to know about this interesting title read the article.

Good Morning Call Season 3 is nothing else to worry but it is a Japanese Shojo manag series. This series is telecasted by Yue Takasuka. Also Good Morning Call Season 3 is a live-action television series. This series airs on Netflix and Fuji TV for the users of Japan.


Here, the show follows the main characters in their young age and tracks their relationships from high school to College. These all things happen in Tokyo.

“Youth is the best time to be rich, and the best time to be poor”.

After reading the basic of your favorite series (Good Morning Call Season 3), I think all of you (Okay, not all most of you) are excited to know the happenings of 3rd Season.

What happens in Good Morning Call Season 3?| Plot of Good Morning Call Season 3

The Story of 3rd Season of Good Morning Call revolves around the indifferent turned love relationship. That relationship is between the protagonists of the show named as, Nao and Hisashi. In Tokyo, they both live together in an apartment as flatmates, about this they didn’t tell anybody at the school and nobody have the knowledge regarding that.


Nao is completely different and handsome. On the other hand, Hisashi is very popular at school as she stands first. Very soon, she develops immense feelings for him. But Nao is Yuri’s crush who got married to his brother.

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After some days, both Nao and Hisashi confess their love for each other and start dating each other. Then ultimately (not a long time) life changes their way and their relationship got under strain. After the passage of time, they were unable to spend time together and other challenges of time. Then they decided to make their ways separate.

Now Nao has to face a lot of problem and to undergo a personal journey to re-invent her.

Now, I think you all (Okay, not all most of you) want to know the leading characters of this fascinating series.

Cast/ Characters of Good Morning Call Season 3

We all know that characters play a significant role in the progress of any show.

  • Haruka Fukuhara as Nao Yoshikawa
  • Shunya Shiraishi as Hisashi Uehara
  • Moe Arai as Marina Konno
  • Shugo Nagashima as Yuichi Mitsuishi


These are the characters of this trending show (Good Morning Call Season 3).

I have a question in my mind and I am sure that you also have the same one……..that is about the release date of this series.

When it will be on our screen? | Release date of Good Morning call Season 3

Season 2 of Good Morning Call was released in November 2017. After that there is no announcement has been made for a long time. Also we don’t have any idea that whether Netflix has plans to renew it or cancel Good Morning Call Season 3.

As it was before two years that Season 2 released. But if Netflix will renew the show Good Morning Call Season 3 then we can expect it to be in 2021.

Despite this, there are some rumors like, “there won’t be a season 3, as the show has ended.”

I am sure that you want to know more about this series, as it is one of the favorite series of all. I am going to share some info regarding the trailer of Good Morning Season 3.

The trailer of Good Morning Season 3

For the story (Good Morning Call Season 3), the trailer is not out yet. We will have a good understanding of this show when it does. Till the trailer is not given, you can watch the previous seasons of this show.

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As I already told you that the show has ended. Therefore, there is no trailer as the show is not coming in the future.

Current Status of Good Morning Call Season 3

In reality, the series (Good Morning Call Season 3) is neither renewed nor canceled. So, we only wait for the new update for this series.

Frequently Asked Questions

What actually Good Morning Call Season 3 is?

Good Morning Call Season 3 is a Japanese manga series. It is a live- action television series.

What is it about?

This series is based on the love relationship of Nao and Hisashi from a time period (high school to college).

Final Words

Good Morning Call Season 3 is an interesting manga series. This is completely based on the relationship of Nao and Hisashi from high school to college. But, one disappointing thing is that it is not confirmed that whether it will be renewed or cancelled.