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Good Luck Chuck Cast, Plot, Review and Much More

Charlie Logan, a dentist whom has been cursed since infancy, is unable to locate the proper woman. Worse, he discovers that each of his ex-girlfriends finds real love in a man she encounters after her relationship with him has ended. Women from all over flock to Charlie after hearing about his status as a good-luck charm.

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But when Charlie finds his dream woman, he must find a method to break the jinx or potentially lose her to the next man she encounters.

Release Date of Good Luck Chuck

Best wishes On Friday, September 21, 2007, Chuck was released. On the same day, five additional films were released, including The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Resident Evil: Extinction, and Sydney White.

Good Luck Chuck Cast

  • Dane Cook as Dr. Charlie Logan
  • Jessica Alba as Cam Wexler
  • Dan Fogler as Dr. Stu Kaminsky
  • Ellia English as Reba
  • Lonny Ross as Joe
  • Troy Gentile as Young Stu
  • Chelan Simmons as Carol
  • Mackenzie Mowat as Birthday Girl
  • Sasha Pieterse as Goth Girl
  • Caroline Ford as Jennifer

Plot of Good Luck Chuck

Charlie Kagan was ten years old when it all began. Charlie broke the fundamental rule of spin-the-bottle by refusing to lip-lock with a deranged Goth girl—and she cursed him. Charlie is now a renowned dentist… and still unlucky, 25 years later. While his best friend, the cosmetic surgeon Stu, pursues as many of his clients as he can, Charlie can’t seem to locate the appropriate girl. Worse, at an ex-wedding, girlfriend’s he discovers that every woman he has ever been with has found the right person the next guy after him.

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Before he knows it, Charlie’s status as a good luck charm has ladies queuing up for a quickie, from attractive acquaintances to his overweight receptionist. But a life of all sex and no love has Charlie feeling more lonely than ever—that is until he meets Cam. Cam, an accident-prone penguin specialist, is as elusive as she is attractive. When a genuine connection blossoms, Charlie understands he must find a method to break his good fortune curse… before the girl of his dreams marries the next guy she meets.

Review of Good Luck Chuck

Dane Cook is all over the place these days, and I won’t say he’s never been amusing. But he practically sells his heart for nothing here. While he earns a few well-timed chuckles in the early half, he later commits one of the most insufferable episodes of overacting ever seen on film. He has no connection with Jessica Alba, who continues to produce excruciatingly poor movies. She may not be a terrific actress, but she deserves better. As Charlie’s friend, the breast implant surgeon, Dan Fogler, who just made me laugh in Balls of Fury, puts everyone to the test. Each gag is obvious from here.

Good Luck Chuck Cast

“Comedies” as terrible and stupid as Best wishes Chuck only appears once a year, and any attempt to beat this will need a truly cinematic heinous crime against humanity. It never fails to amaze me how rarely romantic comedy is done correctly. You only need a few great characters and an appearance of a brain. We all know how it ends, and it’s fine with us. Good Luck Chuck fails on every counts and is one of the year’s worst pictures.

More About Good Luck Chuck

This is not to argue that the film is bad. It’s totally entertaining, but not nearly as funny as the premise could have been. Everyone does a good job, and the picture runs at a good pace for the tale. There are some excellent moments, both humorous and gross-out, but I got the impression that there were missed opportunities, and this film might have been faster and played up the gross-out side of the comedy more.

Good Luck Chuck Cast

Overall, all of the components are present for a spectacular film, but we instead get a film ranging from good to mediocre. It’s worth seeing, but Dane Cook isn’t as natural as Ryan Reynolds in the character of the gorgeous, attractive, but lovable bloke. This picture might have been so much better with other performers and a different focus in various areas of the tale.

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Dane Cook demonstrates that his acting abilities are restricted to monkey poo and cashew jokes when he stars as Charlie, a fairly successful dentist, but Charlie is cursed in a way that is good for the females but horrible for him. When he was a little boy, a calfskin girl became enraged when he refused to reveal his penis, so she hexed him. Charlie will marry the next person she dates after she sleeps with a girl (didn’t hear that part of the hex). Charles quickly becomes a sought-after treasure as word spreads. I’ll concede that the plot is no more infantile than many other films out there, even ones that aren’t all that horrible, but not anymore

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