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Good Doctor Season 4 : Plot | Platforms | Cast


David Mudd

The Good Doctor season 4 is an American Medical drama launched by ABC Studios and Sony pictures Actor Daniel Dae Kim who first bought the rights of the show, brought on David Shore, as the showrunner.  The show focuses on the journey of brilliant surgeon Shaun Murphy. 

What makes the show special is that Shaun is your typical doctor. He has a special condition — autism savant syndrome. It is important to mention here that Autism is a developmental disorder. Certain behavioural patterns like doing things repeatedly and difficulty in communicating with others are the two most common symptoms of this disorder. In addition,  Savant  Syndrome means having remarkable skills in any particular school of learning. 

The storyline continues to revolve around the protagonist Dr Murphy,  his brilliant insights for diagnosis, his unorthodox suggestions regarding various medical processes and at the same time the show underscores Murphy’s struggle to communicate and interact. It’s far easier for him to be a good doctor than to be a normal person. Throughout the series, the character goes through a continuous process of evolution. 

As the seasons go further, the viewers become certain that the struggle to fit in will never end. It is, needless to say, far more difficult for someone like Shaun. Even though he is a surgeon, that is not enough for him.

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The Plot of The Good Doctor season 4


The Good Doctor had our attention the moment we found out its protagonist is Dr. Shaun Murphy, an Autistic Savant. As the show moves forward, we don’t just watch the brilliant Doctor’s journey to becoming a good doctor, we have become a part of it and it’s pretty hard not to.

The show doesn only highlights the struggles of the differently-abled people who find it quite difficult to have a interaction with their peers but our struggles to interact and

understand them as well.

It will make you think that maybe they are not the slow ones, but we just might be too fast and impatient to pay heed to the necessities of others.

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Why should you watch Good Doctor Season 4?

the newbies of good doctor season 3
The cool newbies of season 3

Season 4 kind of wraps up the relationships and bonds that blossomed over the seasons.

The season brings a permanent change in all the characters.

The first and foremost thing in season 4 is that it covers Covid –19. 

It is shown as a disease of strange nature, quickly aggressive and hard to get a grasp over, and how it challenges the capability of the doctors. It shows the doctors can be just as helpless as us. This, we all can relate to, without a doubt.

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It’s a David Shore show!

A lot of viewers would blindly pick this show solely because David Shore‘s name is there.

He is famously known for his show House, M.D. which is praised across the world.

Apart from him, there are a lot of people who directed the show. Freddie Highmore himself directed an episode. 

He found it exciting to realize and apply the technique of pauses and silences in a scene. The unsaid things and the quiet air do play an important role throughout the series.

The Good Doctor in season 4 shows how far Shaun has come, not only as a surgeon but also as a person. The guy who didn like talking much, let alone opening up to someone, fell in love and is ready to become a father.

In his unconventional ways, he tries to do the best he can for the woman he loves and their baby.

Murphy learns to teach and trust

This season also shows Murphy in a new light, that is, as a mentor. Dr.Lim picks Murphy, Parks and Brown to mentor and teach the new interns. Murphy’s path to becoming a teacher, obviously, isn’t easy. Being a teacher needs a form of interactive communication and that is not Murphy’s strong suit. He learns to trust his students along with his instincts.

Interestingly, Dr. Lim emerges as Murphy’s mentor. It was a powerfully built moment which is worth watching; Dr.Lim teaches Shaun an important lesson,  Teach, but do not take over.

This one is one of the rare medical dramas that has a minimalistic approach. They show complications of diseases in a completely non-dramatic manner. 

This is one of the reasons this show is a class apart from the rest of the medical dramas. It has always successfully maintained a subtle approach while presenting its content.

The kind of logical and detached take on the storyline helps us see the things from Murphy’s perspective which is very different from ours. In his mind, there is a certain way in which things should exist and it when doesn happen that scares him just like us.

It is hard for him to start over like the rest of us. The show has a pretty cool way of showing that.

The Cast of The Good Doctor Season 4

photo shoot of the cast of good doctor season 4
The super talented and cool cast of The Good Doctor Season 4

Another reason to love the show is – its cast. The characters of the doctors are so very real.

They are the best representation of real doctors that I have ever seen. They handle medical matters just like the real ones would. They too differ in medical opinion and yet can team up, putting aside their ego, when it comes to saving lives.

Apart from Shaun Murphy, Dr. Lim and Dr. Alex Brown have done a really good job. Season 4 shows a new version of Dr.Lim, too. It explores her woman-self and emotional side. 

This carefully done exploration is quite a treat for the viewers. At the same Dr.Brown admits to being a friend to Shaun and learns to process grief, which she hasn share much. Antonia Thomas shines in her light.

Freddie Highmore as Dr. Shaun Murphy

Freddie Highmore is, without a doubt, one of the best actors that have been around. In his portrayal of the character, he is simply perfect. The emotional and behavioral sides of autism patients are very important and therefore need to be perfect while making sure it is not offensive or uneasy in any way. Highmore depiction is completely seamless, done with subtlety and ease. This blue-eyed actor has our full confidence.

Christina Chang as Dr.Lim

Season 4 allows us a special insight into the psyche of Dr.Lim. We have always seen her as a calm and wise boss as well as a mentor. Weirdly, to me, she looks more like a doctor than an actress. It’s pretty hard to imagine anyone else in her place.

In this new season, you get to see her as a traumatized, vulnerable person whose responses are almost like us. Behind the exterior of a person who is seasoned in various crises that life

throws at her, she has a scared side too. Most importantly, she finally opens herself up to love.

The changing dynamics between Shaun and Leah

a still from episode 9 of good doctor season 4
Shaun’s new found crush in episode 9 of season 4

The beauty of Shaun and Leah’s relationship lies in the fact that they both tried so much. Shaun in his way cares for Leah. He knew how much loves  Leah.  During Leah’s miscarriage, he did his best to support her. But unfortunately, Leah could feel that to be enough. Shaun realises how much he needed her in his life. The evolution of their relationship reaches its peak in this season. At the same time, something unthinkable takes place which will change everything forever.

Page Spara’s performance in the role of Leah was simply great. The change in her from Shaun’s spunky neighbour to a woman who just had a miscarriage and how it broke her from within was perfectly captured by Spara. After the miscarriage, she feels like a different person. It feels like she could not even mourn properly. It could be because she knew about Shaun’s limited range of emotional sides. Sparra has performed brilliantly.


The new season has received mixed reviews. A lot of fans didn like Alex Brown(Antonia Thomas’s character) leaving the show and the new equation between Morgan and Parks.


The show was initially launched by the ABC network. Now it is available on multiple platforms such as Hulu, Sony Liv, and amazon prime.


The new season, in many ways, marks the end of an era. It shows Shaun has become more capable of holding his ground and the team needed him as much as he needed them. 

The relationship between Shaun and Dr Glassman reaches its pinnacle. The duo has stolen our hearts more than once. The 4th season of the show is packed with powerful moments as well as unforeseen outcomes. It has many beautiful and refreshing moments that help the viewer to experience catharsis after a long emotional journey.

The new season of the show is all ready to take you through a well-balanced ending as well as much needed closures.  So buckle up and go for the new season.

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