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Gone Girl 2: Will There Be a Sequel To Gone Girl?


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Do you still remember the first movie Gone Girl which came back in 2014? If yes, then you are the great fan of thriller movies and Gone Girl is one of the highly rated movie in which Amy had many plans to do false things to give a lesson to his husband who cheats her wife and also wanted to gain back her husband as she had a fever of love to his husband so she wanted him back in her life and she did many things and tricks her husband by going or hiding which results as all are thinking that she had been missing and her husband is behind this all games of missing Amy and murdering her.

Will she also have other mind games for the new season or the sequel to the first movie? As the story is interesting and so much thriller is put in the film and at the end of the movie Amy is pregnant and Nick has to stay with her due to his baby inside Amy’s. So there are many possibilities for its sequel to know what will happen next.

She plays another game to target her husband in the name of her baby child and if the girl is born then she will surely take advantage of many things. There are many questions which are revolving in the minds of fans, like is the movie based on a true story, what will happen in the Gone girl sequel, will she again play another game?

gone girl 2

When will the Gone Girl 2 release, who are the cast involved in the sequel, where to watch and many more.

Gone Girl is a movie that left the audience to think whether Amy Dunne played by Rosamund Pike is protagonist or antagonist based on the movie as she did many things and tricks her husband by faking her death to give lesson to her husband and she did all to realize that she also exists in his life.

The storyline of this movie is amazing with talented performances of our stars and commentary at the right time with more dark humour. How she did all things just only to teach him and wants him in her life back. She planned and did all the things on her fifth anniversary when she came to know that her husband is cheating with his student.

She writes all things against her husband in her diaries so that police believe that her husband is the criminal behind her death and after that Nick and her student confess that they are dating and cheating Amy.

And in the end she comes back to Nick to save him and tells everything that she did all the things and at that time he wanted to leave her but stays because she is pregnant with his baby. As there is no evidence against Amy so she was not arrested in the end. The plot of the movie is attractive but has the disturbing side of a clever lady who is madly in love with her husband Nick.

gone girl 2

So this is the reason why everyone wanted the movie to come back for the second part to continue the life and problems in Amy and Nick’s life.

It is interesting to know how Nick can live with Amy who murdered his ex boyfriend in the false name of kidnapping and rape which leave the audience disturbing, to crave its new sequel. How can a man or a woman live with that person who does all things only for what he/she wants and then live again under the same roof.

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Gone Girl 2: Release Date

gone girl 2

Sorry, there is no release date for Gone Girl 2 as the movie is not renewed yet. Which means there is no renewal status and the movie is not announced officially for its renewal or its cancellation. So there are equal chances for the sequel to come or not.

It is only assumed that Amy and Nick will return to the sequel to reprise their role but there is no expectation of another cast to return after a long time. So, at this moment no official confirmation is there for the cast members who will be returning for Gone Girl 2.

Is There Any Gone Girl 2 Trailer?

No, as the film is not renewed so there is no official teaser or trailer for the new film of Gone and Girl.

But still you can remind its story by watching Gone girl trailer which is given below-


There is no official announcement for Gone Girl 2, so wait until its renewal or cancellation status and till then enjoy its previous movie Gone Girl to refresh all the things that happened in the life of the couple.

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