Gold Rush Season 13: Cast, Plot, Release Date and Many More You Should Get to Know?


Aditi Deshinge

Gold Rush is a television show which explores the genres of reality and adventure. The show was previously titled as Gold Rush: Alaska for its very initial season. This series airs on Discovery. Now fans are so much excited for the upcoming season which is Gold Rush season 13.

Gold Rush Season 13

Gold Rush is an American series and so it’s original language is English. The executive producer of the series is Christo Doyle and the production company involved for the show is Raw TV. The filming location of the show consists of Klondike, Yukon, Canada and Alaska USA.

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Where to Watch Gold Rush Season 13? And is the Release Date for Gold Rush Season 13 Revealed?

The other related franchise of  the gold Rush series are Gold Rush: White Water, Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine, Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue, Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune, Bering Sea Gold, Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice, Ice Cold Gold, Hoffman Family Gold, and Jungle Gold.

This show represents the placer gold mining process and immense efforts involved by the several families run mining companies especially in the cities like Klondike, Alaska, in the United States. Show’s previous aired seasons also showed the mining efforts of these companies in South America as well as western North America.

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Why Parker is No More on Gold Rush Season 13?

The original streaming platform of the show is Discovery Channel with 1080i picture format. Until now, all around 12 seasons with 290 episodes have been released. The narrator of the show’s season first to eleven are Paul Christie and Dean Lennox Kelly but now from season 12 onwards Shaun Dooley is going the narrate the series.

Gold Rush season 13 streaming will be done on the television streaming service Discovery. The first episode is going to air of 30th September 2022 and the second episode is going to air on 7th October 2022.

What is the Release Date of Gold Rush Season 13?

Release date of Gold Rush season 13 is 30th September 2022 and it is going to air on streaming platform Discovery. As of now, no information has been provided yet where else the show is going to stream other than Discovery channel.

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What Will Be the Plotline of Gold Rush Season 13?

The plotline of the show is revolves around the show’s basic theme which involves miners and their tireless search for gold but this time things are going to get changed.

This time the miners will not be mining the gold but will also be seen putting it back into the ground because of increasing gas prices.

Gold Rush Season 13

Due to the new developing competitions, fuel prices soaring high above and the issues related to the supply chain and the costs of gold is decreasing and the stakes will be placed high above this time.

Where to Watch Gold Rush Season 13?

Season 13 of Gold Rush will be available to stream on the television streaming service Discovery. Along with this the show is also going to stream on various other online streaming websites all over the world.

What Will Be the Cast of Gold Rush Season 13?

The show cast include Fred Lewis with Team Mistif, Parker Schnabel and Tony Beeys. Rick Ness and his team is not going to come back for this new season.

It is also speculated that, in the upcoming new season, some new cast members including Brandon and Brady Clayton will join the linup.

What is the Episode Guide for Gold Rush Season 13?

Well, the episode guide for the upcoming new season has not been provided by the fans yet. It is expected that the new season 13 will have a total number on 22 episodes and each episode will have an average run length of about 55 to 60 minutes.

Gold Rush Season 13

All 22 episodes will not drop at a time and it is going to follow weekly release pattern. The episodes are initially made in English language but they will be available to stream in other dubbed versions as well.

Trailer –

Well, the trailer for the thirteen season of the show is not available as of now. But you guys can enjoy the following video to check out the sneak pick.

What to Expect From New Season?

The upcoming new season will come up with a bit change and it is speculated that. It is due to the increased cost of gas. The showrunners and the cast members agreed to change the show’s concept. The cast members will not be appear mining for the gold. But this time they will put the gold back to the ground where they found before. Therefore, miners will face extremely new and different challenge this time. And they are going to face stiff and serious competition.

It will not be an easy task for the miners to take up on the new tireless challenges.