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Gold Rush Season 12: Release Date, Trailer, Many More!

Reality shows are good one which are most liked by the viewers over fictional dramas as it tells what happens in reality. You all have heard of finding gold by some teams or miners in different countries and also seen many of these shows.

Some series are faked one but Gold Rush is a real drama which is still running. It is the longest show on discovery channel which is also known as Gold Rush Alaska. The recaps of the seasons also aired on TLC.

The show started in 2010 with its first original episode titled Gold Nuggets and still runs and now fans are waiting to know when will its season 12 come?

Most of the seasons of this Gold Rush drama falls in winter’s time or near by October or November so the same is expected from this season.

Many People moved from one place to another and far and far to find old historical things, especially gold which are hidden under the big lands, houses, mountains and many more.

These miners search with their machines to find the places where they have the possibility to find gold in any form whether it is ring, plate and with modern things and they use their machines to detect it and start digging at that place.

gold rush season 12

So the same pattern is followed by these modern gold diggers and they do many things to find gold fronts and many areas. This Show Gold Rush is the hit reality show of this time on Discovery which includes many crew members like Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness, and Tony Beets and few others who work and are in search of gold and make their future bright.

To become rich is not an easy task in any field. If you want to make yourself rich you also have to work hard and also fight for your belongings so the same things are put in this drama which includes some quarrel that occurs while digging gold or when the metal is not found after so many efforts.

We are thinking that these crew members will work to dig to find gold until they find it completely on earth.

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Gold Rush Season 12: Release Date

At this time the series is not announced officially or not renewed for Gold Rush Season 12 but all are expecting that it will premiere to schedule on September 24.

According to Looper also the new season will come to air on September 24, but nothing is cleared for its season 12 and if any official update comes then we will inform you by updating this section.

These guesses are based on the popularity of the series. That's why all are making guesses that this season will also arrive this time if production goes well.

If we see previous seasons then the last season also comes on time without being delayed so much by Covid-19 and crew members are not much affected by the pandemic and they started filming of Season 11 in Canada.

gold rush season 12

And then it finally premiered on October 23, 2020.

Even this time pandemic is still there due to which many shows are cancelled, some are delayed but we didn’t expect that this series would also delay so much.

It looks like their work has been completed almost so the show will premiere on September 24.

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Gold Rush Season 12 Cast And Crew Members

Crew members are not confirmed for season 12 but it is likely that main miners or gold diggers will return in new seasons also if it aired. Some of the cast who are from the starting of the show are Parker Schnabel, Fred Dodge, Chris Doumitt while others like Tony and Rick Ness come later on.

So these members are expected to return for Gold Rush Season 12.

It also stated from the Ness FB post that his girlfriend is also coming with him in the new season but it is not clear whether she will accompany her as a work partner or come for tour. But until the season arrives nothing is official whether Ness is given company by her girlfriend or not.

So if you are looking for the location then Canada may be the next place for digging for season 12.

So watch this series on Discovery as these gold miners don't give so early.

Gold Rush Season 12 Trailer

At the time of writing this article the official trailer for Season 12 of this series is not available but you can watch these 2 trailers for your enjoyment and also watch its previous 11 seasons on a given platform.

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Gold Rush Season 12 is not confirmed yet but the whole series earned 7.3 ratings out of 10 on IMDb which is a good one.

And now you have to wait a little more for its new season, till then read other articles on

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