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Gogglebox: Show Star June Bernicoff Has Been Deceased Following A Short-Illness


David Mudd

There is a piece of the sad news that struck recently. We lost a major star this Tuesday and the whole industry is deeply saddened. June Bernicoff died on Tuesday marking a short illness. However, it is to be noted that this illness is not related to the coronavirus pandemic. She was with her family at her home.

She had been a star on reality TV. Also, she was a part of major shows including Gogglebox, where she worked with her late husband. She had a community of major fans because of this show and everyone is disheartened to let her go.

The production house has come up to appreciate her work at the show. Her crew members have also expressed their discontentment over her death. Read more to find out about it.


What Happened?

This Tuesday we lost a great star. June Bernicoff died after a short illness at her home. Although she went happy and was with her family in her last time, her death came as a shock to everybody. They are also deeply saddened by this death.

However, this death is not related to the ongoing pandemic. She had been a remarkable part of the show Gogglebox. She worked here along with her husband. However, after the demise of her husband back in 2017, she left the show too.

The makers have been very displeased with her death. Also, they have commented about how her presence has been crucial for the show. And that they are deeply saddened by her demise.

More About Her Work On The Show (Gogglebox)

During the first 10 series of the show, she had been a very crucial actor for it. The producers have also said that they owe the success of the show to her presence. If it wasn’t for her, the show wouldn’t be such a success that it is si.

Now with the demise of both, her and her husband, they are deeply saddened. They were a very important part of the show. And their characters brought about a new sense and wit in the show.


After the death of her husband Leon, she wrote a book. In it, she mentioned their love story of 60 long years. And that brought an amazing story to life.

More About It

Everyone has come to appreciate her work. Also, they have commended her on her personality and her sense of being. Due to her compassion, she held her family with hope even when on her death bed.

Now that this demise occurred, the family should be given its privacy and not hoarded with questions. Even after she left the show, she was a huge cheerleader for its success. She talked to everyone at the show and ensured that the show went the way that it did.