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Gogglebox Family Responds To Audience Complaints About Social Distancing


David Mudd

Gogglebox’s Malone family issues heartfelt response to social distancing complaints

The Story Behind

For those who don’t know practically anything about Gogglebox, allow me to be your mentor.

Gogglebox is a TV series where Britain’s most skilled critics share their blatant or sometimes ridiculously touchy views on the apparent week’s most loved shows on TV.

Herein, we have one family who go with the title ‘Malone’ (It isn’t Post Malone’s family if you’re even meekly thinking).

They have technically responded to all those viewers complaining about Channel 4(where it’s broadcasted) not following the social distancing regulations.

Complaints Thereafter

More than 130 complaints were registered regarding the families burning down all the rules set up by the government during this alarming time.


Major preys were Ellie and Izzie since these sisters do not stay together, but did come together for an episode recently.

Fans were quick to notice this, blaming them to be breaking every directive issued during a global pandemic.

And surprisingly, it is the Malone family, who have come to their rescue(more or less).

The family’s official Twitter account was expeditious to put up a status which said she(Julie) is thorough with all the social distancing rules and that she loves her Grandkids too much to put their health in danger, or anybody else’s for that matter.

Even Channel 4 came up with a defensive post, saying how everyone in Gogglebox is absolutely rigorous about this entire thing.

It went on to talk about how to keep filming intact during this tough time, the show equipped cameras in every cast member’s house so they could have the least contact with any of the crew members, so to say.

Reactions (Gogglebox)


Julie’s post was received with huge affection and support from all her fans and viewers, with people sending their well-wishes to them during this horrid situation we are all in.

One Twitter used asked Julie to not explain herself to anyone because people are just wanting to make everything look disoriented at the moment.

While another went on to pull a snarky commentary, saying “I wish people would remember the phrase, ‘Is it any of my business?’ before they jump in and judge”.

Haha, there you go! For what it’s worth, everyone out there is maintaining proper sanitation and being home, safe and sound. I hope you are too, aren’t you?

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