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Gods And Monsters: Switch Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer Details


David Mudd

Gods And Monsters game is all set to release later this year. Read ahead to know more.

About The Game (Gods And Monsters)

Gods And Monsters is an action-adventure game. Furthermore, the game is published and developed by Ubisoft. Players play as a forgotten hero who embarks on a journey to save the Greek Gods. Furthermore, the game is set in ancient Greek mythology.

Furthermore, Gods And Monsters will be available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X, and Google Stadia.

Gods And Monsters

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The New Trailer

The new trailer shows a new warrior called to help the Greek Gods. Furthermore, we come across the new hero who faces a giant bird-like creature. The hero has a special powerful sword in his hands.

Details about the new hero are not quite clear yet. But, it is believed that he is a swordsman. Moreover, you also come across Medusa in the trailer. Also, the name of the new bird-like creature is not mentioned yet.

Gods And Monsters

What Else To Expect? (Gods And Monsters)

You will play as a hero who will save the Greek Gods. Since the Greek Gods have become victims of Typhoon, who is the most dangerous creature in the game, it is your duty to save the Gods from Typhoon.

You have to save the Greek Gods and help them restore their pride. However, the road to saving them will not be easy. You will come across many deadly creatures before you have one on one with Typhoon.

Gods And Monsters

The Greek Gods will give you a special power. These powers will help you defeat the deadly creatures. These creatures include Gorgons, Hydras, and Cyclops. Furthermore, each creature has a special defence and attack ability.

You will get power and resources from all the twelve Greek Gods. Also, these twelve Greek Gods together make the Olympus. It will be exciting to see how the influence of all the Greek Gods help you defeat the dangerous and deadly creatures. Players will be rewarded with new weapons and powers as you go on defeating creatures.

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