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God of War 5: Release Date, Story, Controls and is Kratos at War with the Jotunns?


David Mudd

God of War is the legendary game have millions of fans all around. It hit a big success since its first debut in 2005. It was then available in PlayStation 2. Now after a long time from its entry, the game is returning with season 5. Yes, now the new season 5 is confirmed in the franchise.

Release Date God of War

The game is still under development. But the reports say that it will not take long to get the game into the hands of gamers. When it came to PS 4, it took about 4 years to develop the game. However, this sequel will be easier than that. According to the developing pace going on now for the game, we can expect a new game from the team in 2 years.


God Of War

What about Kratos

Kratos is the lead role player in the game. But with the fatality of Kratos, God of War will reach its finishing point. It’s already heartbreaking for fans. There are people out there who bought PlayStation just to play this game. However, we have to wait for the game developers to know much about the gameplay and plotline.

God o War is an action-packed adventure game franchise. Created in Santa Monica studio of Sony. Besides, it became a title that gave the PlayStation games a flagship getup. The story is about the soldier who tricked to kill his own family. Here the soldier is Kratos. He got tricked by his former master, Greek God of War Ares. It leads him to take vengeance on different gods.

God Of War