God Eater Season 2 Release Date: Will There Be Another Season?



While the majority of anime series are inspired by their parent manga series and have been written by amazing artists, God Eater is an exception and stands out from the rest of the anime series. Based on the video game series, God eater emerged as a popular anime series that marks its uniqueness from the rest of other anime shows. The show has developed an intriguing storyline and great characters which grow over the series. With the first season wrapping up the storyline many people are vigorously waiting for God Eater Season 2 to release. 

Created by Shift and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, God Eater is a sci-fi series. While the anime world has different types of anime genres, Sci-fi still managed to acquire a safe place among them. The anime is inspired by the video game that is popular not only in Japan but also in the rest of the world. 

God Eater Season 2 news

The story sets itself around a post-apocalyptic future, where the world is ruled by the man-eating creature known as Aragami. Therefore, we have some superheroes that saved other people from these monsters. The audience and the players were already inspired by the storyline and appreciated the show. Throughout the first season, we came across the caption visuals and amazing weapons that can kill these people. 

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However, there have been a lot of questions among the people and despite the series getting popular among people and getting praise, there is no evidence of the series getting renewed. Here is everything you need to know about God Eater Season 2. 

God Eater Season 2: Will there be Another Season?

 There is no doubt that God Eater acquired an amazing position in the world and brings back life to video games. Though the video game has been more around the people and gets a massive fanbase, the anime manages to not get as much famous as the anime series, 

Still, the people praised the anike for its intriguing storyline and amazing character development. Though all these things were on the positive side, the show was still not able to get a renewal from the officials. 

God Eater Season 2

Fans are facing a lot of trouble getting in touch with the anime series and although the series has been gaining enough fanbase, there are no updates about the renewal. The officials have no clue about the future of the show and the storyline still falls in midway. 

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Viewers are concerned about the future of the series and hoping to see the new season. Though the show is not inspired by the manga series, we can’t tell whether there is any source material left to cover. 

God Eater Season 2 Release Date: When is it going to Release?

The first season of the anime was released in 2015 and it’s been more than half of the decade but there are no possible updates about the series. When the first season was about to end, the last episodes took more than enough to get the series released. 

Earlier, some rumours were suggested that the second instalment will most probably go to conform and it even suggested the release date for 2019. But as time rolls, we are still nowhere near to finding any of the updates from the series.

God Eater Season 2

If only the rumours were true, we might have seen the second chapter of the anime at that time but there are chances that it got delayed because of the global pandemic. Many anime series have already stopped working further but that doesn’t mean that they are never going to happen. As seen at the current time, we are most probably waiting for confirmation through a trusted source. 

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If God Eater Season 2 gets confirmed it would going be renewed and released not in 2022. The series is going to take longer since anime adaption usually takes longer than the other shows. If everything goes fine, we might be able to see the series in 2023 or 2024.

How are fans Reacted to this News?

Fans have already watched the first season and desperately waiting for the second season to release. Twitter is filled with the audience wanting to watch the second season. 


The second season is already making fans wait for the longest time. Still, the viewers have not lost hope and probably waiting for the second instalment to happen. Even though the fans have loved the series and there was no wonder that the officials are looking into that matter. There have been several incidents and rumours that suggest the production of the anime but still non of them has been confirmed through trusted sources. 

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