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Global Pandemic : Coronavirus Cases Rises To 4,00,000, More Updates


David Mudd

Coronavirus has brought the world to a halt. Everyone seems to be concerned over the uprising of the pandemic. It is very concerning. Also, it is very disheartening to see so many people die. The death tolls are rising. So are the victims of the pandemic.

Now, all countries have come to a standstill. People are taking social distancing more seriously. Everyone is under lockdown. The cases are still rising. At this moment, the control of the government is crucial.

If they let people lose now, they’ll have to pay back later. Therefore, everyone is requested to cooperate and take this seriously.


Rising Number Of Infected Victims

The total number of victims of COVID-19 crossed 100000 globally. This is continuing to impact more and more countries. Those infected suffer from fallen economies, lost businesses, and crashing stock markets.

Moreover, coronavirus it is causing a lot of panic and fear. The individuals of the countries are under threat. Many people have died. To counter the spread, every institute is closed. Gatherings stand canceled and many events postponed.

The outbreak has killed many people across the 90 nations it has worse hit. It killed about 3400 people while infecting a lot more.

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Effect On The Markets

The markets have closed. Businesses are viewing a major loss amongst this time. Their sales are hitting rock bottom. So, it isn’t surprising that stock markets have collapsed. The Japanese market saw its lowest in six moments. India hit a major low,  with its stock market collapsing.


Most of all, traveling business is affected. Airlines and travel markets have experienced a new crash. They are on their lowest record on the stock market. People are also fretting over how companies will get past this.

The economy has gone so down in many countries. So, worrying about how we will cope with it is not new.

More About The Impacts Coronavirus

People are worried about their general hygiene. They are focusing on hoarding items of basic usage. So, stores have a lack of proper supplies of even basic toiletries. Face masks, sanitizers are very hard to find.

Many stores saw a lack of toilet paper. People are aimlessly stocking themselves with toilet paper. This has also caused the needy to be out of necessity. The greed of people is not appreciated.

At this time of crisis, we should all stand together. Thinking selfishly about your self will not benefit.