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Gleipnir Season 2: Plot | Trailer | Release Date | And More


David Mudd

The amazing stories and graphical treatment have left many fans hooked to this particular series. The more we delve into it, the more we get fascinated by its interesting themes and the level of imagination they leave us to explore.

The world of Anime and Manga has been very fascinating since it came into the common eye. One such series is Gleipnir and fans are eager now for Gleipnir Season 2.

The Japanese Manga art form has been converted to successfully running Anime shows that have garnered great fan attention from across the world. Gleipnir has one such title.

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What is Gleipnir about?

Gleipnir is a dark show with certain dark characters. Talking about the manga on which the series is based, Sun Takeda is the illustrator and writer of the manga.

Gleipnir was first serialized in October 2015 by Kodansha, the publisher behind some of the best manga such as AoT. It was quickly translated into an anime series of the same title, which aired from April to June in the otherwise catastrophic year of 2020. In the anime, Gleipnir appears as a light watch that can be uncomfortable for many as it has surplus horrifying moments and spooky characters that can appear psychotic. The first season of Gleipnir had many elements left unraveled and hence people are eagerly waiting for Gleipnir season 2 to make sense of all the exciting yet intriguing mayhem taking place.

The plot of Gleipnir Season 2

Gleipnir Season 2 main character poster
A still from Gleipnir Season 1 .

Talking about the prudent plotline for season 2, it’s imperative to know what happened in Gleipnir season 1. Shuuichi Kagaya is a typical high school boy, but now and then he transforms into a monster. He has no idea how or why he acquired his abilities; what he knows is that he would rather no one knew about them. He discovers a burning house with a girl stuck inside one night. He transforms and takes her to safety after deciding to rescue her, but he loses his phone in the process.

Claire Aoki, the girl he rescued, finds him the next day and asks him about his monster persona. After Shuuichi dismisses her claims, she even pushes him off the school roof to prove her point.

He transforms in a desperate attempt to rescue himself, and Claire takes a photo of him to blackmail him into telling her everything he knows about monsters, which is ironically not much.

Claire, it turns out, has a mystery of her own: she’s been looking for her sister, who has somehow turned into a monster too. She ropes in Shuuichi for assistance to help locate her, but they aren’t the only ones looking for answers.

Therefore, in season 2, the viewers can expect to decipher the mystery revolving around the characters or at least get some degree of clarity.

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Gleipnir season 2 problems

Gleipnir Season 1 finale scene.
Gleipnir Season 1 finale was intense and jaw dropping.

The Second Season of Gleipnir will undoubtedly face a challenge that has plagued many other anime adaptations.

There is a shortage of facts. The anime version of the manga can’t manage to deviate from the source material for the sake of profit.

Many manga enthusiasts are well aware of what is to arrive. As a result, many people believe that the anime adaptation of Gleipnir Season 2 will be fantastic

There has been no formal statement to the story. The community is divided on whether Gleipnir will launch in 2021, 2022, or fall in 2022.

Gleipnir season 2 Available platforms

Funimation has posted all of Gleipnir’s most recent chapters. We foresee the same thing to happen in Gleipnir’s season 2 too though. We strongly oppose using unauthorized platforms to watch television content.

When will Gleipnir season 2 release?

A still from Gleipnir Season 1
Gleipnir Season 2 will answer many burning questions of season 1.

The first season had 13 episodes which left the viewers in a lot of confusion. As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding the airing of season 2. What we can expect is that Gleipnir season 2 could begin in the latter part of the year 2021 if it isn’t postponed any further because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though nothing is written in stone.

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The show can be a good watch if you’re into dark stuff. Despite all the speculations, it’s a good thing to wait for the release. You can always read the manga if you manage to get your hands on one.

But until then stick to the anime because there is a bright future ahead according to us. But do let us know what’s going on in your mind in the comment section.