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Reviewing Movie Girl On The Third Floor


David Mudd

Do you love ghostly adventures? Well, I do love it! And so here is one of those! Girl On The Third Floor is a scary ghostly adventure. Let us explore it more!

About Girl On The Third Floor Movie

Girl on the Third Floor was released in theatres worldwide on October 25, 2019, after receiving mostly favorable reviews at the SXSW, BUFF, and London FrightFest Film Festivals.

Reviewers praised newbie filmmaker Travis Stevens’ grasp of the genre, as well as a former professional wrestler and Mixed Martial Artist Phil Brooks’ believable depiction of the main character. Critics praised the film’s “wonderful and disgusting” use of realistic special effects by UK designer Daniel Martin.

What Is The Plot For The Movie Girl On The Third Floor?

Girl on the Third Floor is a 2019 horror film directed by Travis Stevens and written by Stevens, Paul Johnstone, and Ben Parker, with Phil “CM Punk” Brooks, Trieste Kelly Dunn, and Tonya Kay starring.

The narrative follows a severely damaged guy who renovates an ancient house for himself and his wife, as well as the unexplained happenings that occur as they prepare to move in.

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Is Girl On The Third Floor Based On A True Story?

“Our film is not based on a true story — it is entirely a work of fiction — we thought the house would be a really great hook,” said the producer Nicola Goelzhauser told the Chicago Tribune.

Now you get it, this is a completely fictional story. There is none of the reality involved here.

Who Is In The Cast Of The Movie Girl On The Third Floor?

The following is the star cast of the movie Girl On The Third Floor.

  • Phil “CM Punk” Brooks as Donald “Don” Koch
  • Trieste Kelly Dunn as Liz Koch
  • Sarah Brooks as Sarah Yates
  • Elissa Dowling as Sadie
  • Karen Woditsch as Ellie Mueller
  • Travis Delgado as Milo Stone
  • Marshall Bean as Geary McCabe
  • Anish Jethmalani as Attorney Manny Bharara
  • Bishop Stevens as Patrolman Weaver
  • Tonya Kay as The Nymph
  • Eileah Penelope Pyrzynski as the Baby

Is Sarah A Ghost In Girl On The Third Floor?

Don begins to encounter escalating strange events within the house after an illegal one-night affair with a mystery local girl named Sarah (Sarah Brooks), from disgusting fluids oozing out of the walls to his pet dog dying in the clothes drier.

It is revealed that the family home Don is attempting to repair was formerly a bordello that catered to bizarre and violent fantasies, and that Sarah and a girl with a disfigured face named Sadie (Elisa Dowling) are the ghosts of sex workers who died inside the house’s walls.

What Is The IMDb Rating For The Movie Girl On The Third Floor?

The IMDb rating for the movie Girl On The Third Floor is 4.6/10. This rating is not so good. And that is how the movie is unsuccessful. But surely horrors can be felt somewhat, even though we expect more from good direction and storyline setup.

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What Is The Review For The Movie Girl On The Third Floor?

A laudable but frustratingly imperfect attempt to inject fresh social currency into tired haunted house clichés. Girl on the Third Floor exudes atmosphere while telling a dark and sticky morality narrative.

This is a spooky house film. It is a lighthearted look at gender relations. The audience anticipates where the film will go and arrives before it does. Nonetheless, it bodes well for longtime horror producer Travis Stevens, who is making his feature directorial debut here.

Nonetheless, the film’s split structure is cumulatively successful, especially considering that it re-centers the story on a wronged lady rather than her unthinking, rage-filled counterpart.

Is Girl On The Third Floor A Scary Movie?

Girl on the Third Floor has received a lot of love from Netflix users, with some calling it one of the scariest movies they’ve ever watched. Fans took to Twitter to express their enthusiasm for the film, saying it was mentally unsettling and horrifying.

Girl On The Third Floor Trailer

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Where Can I Watch Girl On The Third Floor Movie?

On October 25, 2019, Girl on the Third Floor was released. It is presently available on Netflix. The film has already been presented at various film festivals, including SXSW, BUFF, and London FrightFest.


Girl On The Third Floor has got a lot more to be explored. And soon we will come up with something more about it and other entertainment! Until then stay up with us.

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