BIG NEWS! Gigolos Showtime Season 7: When it is Scheduled to Release on the Screen?



We already know that reality television series are Marvelously popular worldwide, and it isn’t the first time we are discussing yet another American real television series. In the past few years, we have already seen how these shows have gained massive success and are being Actively renewed on the channel.

There are a lot of popular reality television series that have their specific genre to focus on. In today’s article, we will be going to talk about Gigolos released in 2011, the series was already famous because of its unique and incredible storyline. The story centers around the life of five male escorts in Las Vegas.

We know that the majority of people have already watched the series and are waiting for the next season of the show to be released. In today’s article, we will be going to talk about the future of the series. If you guys are looking forward to watching it, we are here to help you out. Continue reading the article so that you don’t miss anything regarding the show.

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Genre Reality
Directed by John D Downer
Country of origin United States
Original language English
No. of seasons 6
No. of episodes 60
Executive producers
  • Jay Blumenfield
  • Tom Forman
  • Tony Marsh
  • Brad Bishop
  • Richard Grieco
Production location Las Vegas
Running time 25 minutes
Production Company RelativityReal
Network Showtime
Release April 7, 2011 –

May 5, 2016

Gigolos Showtime Season 7 Release Date: When it is Scheduled to Release?

Are you looking forward to season 7 of this reality television series? We know that there are a lot of people who are excited to witness the release of the show but unfortunately at the time of writing showrunner has not made any decision regarding it.

There are a lot of people who wish to watch the show but we need confirmation from the official site to say whether the series is coming on the screen or not. The series concluded in 2016 and it’s been such a long period since we have witnessed the series to be back.

Though there are a lot of people Who wish to watch the show and in recent times a lot of classical hits are getting Back on track. If season 7 of the series comes, we will make sure to let you know through this article. till then we advise you guys to watch season 7 of the series and find out everything.

Note: This isn’t a confirmed release date, but a prediction made by us. If you want to check out the confirmed date, bookmark this page so you don’t miss anything.

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Gigolos Showtime Season 7 Cast: Who will be in it?

Looking for the cast? Being a reality television series there are a lot of people who wish to watch new contestants now and then but this is something unique for Gigolos. If there comes a  7th installment, We can expect all these following people to be back on the show and make a statement series.

  • Nick Hawk
  • Brace Land
  • Vin Armani
  • Ash Armand
  • Bradley Lords
  • Garren James
  • Jimmy Clabots
  • Steven Gantt

Gigolos Showtime Season 7 Plot Updates: What to Expect with it?

Gigolos is an American reality series that centers around the life of five male escorts in Las Vegas. The story of the show follows these men who are employed by the same escort agency and interact with each other because of their working profiles. The series centers around their life and how they interact with the woman and also features their desire for sexual activity.

The show was initially released in 2011 in showtime and the finale episode of the show aired in 2016. We already know that the show follows the theme over the six seasons and if they come in the seventh one, we can expect the story of the show to continue following the same theme. 

The show already received a lot of critical confusion regarding the legality of these activities and how the consent of the women and their security are betrayed. Though many people loved watching the show, it is still in confusion, whether the show will be written or not.

Gigolos Showtime Season 7 Official Trailer

Looking for the official trailer? The official trailer for the series is still not out and it is said that we don’t have any updates on it. Neither the official trailer nor the teaser for the upcoming season of the series has been released. Some people haven’t seen a single episode of the series

Where to watch the show?

Gigolos is officially available to stream on Showtime. Viewers are looking forward to watching the series and if you are one of them, You can stream the series on the platform.

Showtime is officially known for its amazing TV series and if you are into them then you can go to our website and find some exclusive shows there

What are the ratings of the show?

What are the ratings of the show? A lot of people are excited to watch the ratings of the series and if you are one of those people who want to check out whether you should move ahead with the show or not then this section of the article is going to help you out.

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Final Verdict

Unfortunately, there is no detail regarding the future of the show. After the announcement of the show, the viewers became highly enthusiastic regarding the future of the show. The viewers of the series are highly enthusiastic to check out the third season of the show and we know that you guys are looking forward to watching it. As of now, we don’t have any official update regarding the seventh season of the show.

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