Gigi Paris And Glen Powell Breakup Amid Speculation Of Romance With Co-Star Sydney Sweeney


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Fans are curious as to whether Glen Powell breakup with Gigi is real or not. Followers have also noticed that Gigi has stopped following Glen on social media. It started the speculation that the couple has broken up.

This is notable because Gigi was active on Glen’s Instagram page, including three fire emojis when he announced his new movie role with Sydney Sweeney in January. She called Glen’s birthday in October as her “favorite holiday” when he was surrounded by balloons and streamers. Gigi even joked about Glen’s shirtless selfie in May 2022, saying she would burn all of his clothing.

Breakup Of Glen Powell

It seems like Glen Powell’s girlfriend, Gigi Paris, may have suggested a split. She posted a video of herself walking alone on Instagram with the caption, “know your worth and onto the next,” on Wednesday. However, a reliable source has revealed that the couple had actually broken up a few weeks before. Though none of them have given an official statement for separation

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This wasn’t the first time they had separated. The two began dating in 2019 and were seen together on a vacation in Punta Mita, Mexico, in January 2020.

Timeline Of Relationship Between Glen And Gigi Paris

Glen Powell (with a lot of net worth) and Gigi Paris(who also holds quite a wealth) were rumored to be dating in 2020 during a vacation in Mexico. They didn’t make their relationship Instagram official until February 2021. Powell wished Paris a happy birthday on Instagram in June 2021. Then they made their red carpet debut together in November of the same year. They spent Valentine’s Day 2022 together.

On May 2022, Paris accompanied Powell to premieres in San Diego, Cannes, London, and other cities. Powell celebrated Paris’ 30th birthday in June. Paris attended Powell’s film Devotion premiere in November. Powell referred to Paris as his girlfriend at the 2023 Golden Globes.

However, in April 2023, Paris unfollowed Powell on Instagram. She also posted a cryptic caption suggesting that they had broken up. This news came after she was spotted visiting Powell in Sydney, where he was filming Anyone But You with Sydney Sweeney(who plans to star in Echo Valley).

Reason For Probable Split Between Glen And Gigi Paris

The news of their split emerged at a time when rumors were circulating about Glen Powell and his co-star, Sydney Sweeney, possibly dating. The speculation started when Sweeney shared some behind-the-scenes snapshots from the set of their upcoming romantic comedy earlier this month. It then boosted when fans picked up on the undeniable chemistry between the two actors during their appearance at CinemaCon on April 25.

glen powell breakup

For now, Sydney Sweeney is still engaged to Jonathan Davino. He is the owner of a restaurant in Chicago, even though Glen Powell seems to be currently single.

Are Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney Really Dating?

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney were filming a movie together in Australia called Anyone But You. They posted pictures of themselves having fun outside of work. Things got complicated when Glen’s girlfriend, Gigi Paris, stopped following Sydney on social media.

People started to think that Glen and Gigi broke up because of Sydney. Before this happened, Glen, Sydney, and Glen’s family went to the zoo together. Sydney seemed to be getting along well with everyone. But what people noticed was that Gigi wasn’t there with them, even though it was in March before the breakup rumors.

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Before filming began, a popular Instagram account called DeuxMoi had reported that Gigi Paris and Glen Powell’s relationship was not going well. Now, pictures and a video of Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell laughing and being affectionate on set have spread rapidly on social media.

Is The Break-Up A Publicity Stunt?

Sweeney and Powell’s on-screen chemistry has sparked rumors of a possible off-screen romance. But they are not the first film stars to do so. Film critic Zoë Rose Bryant compared their chemistry to that of Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain. They caused much media interest when they promoted “Scenes From a Marriage” with their affectionate behavior.

glen powell breakup

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper also sparked rumors(was it a reality) when they starred in “A Star Is Born”. They had an intimate performance of “Shallow” at the Academy Awards. Even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie met while filming “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and later got together. Some social media users even suggest that cheating allegations ahead of a romcom indicate the movie will be a hit.

A Closer Look at the Breakup Between Gigi And Glen

Gigi wasn’t happy with Glen being away for a long time filming the movie in Australia. When she went to visit him, they decided to break up for good. The reason Gigi unfollowed Sydney on social media was as Sydney never followed her back. It had nothing to do with Glen and Sydney. Gigi knows that Glen and Sydney never got together.

Another source explained that Glen and Sydney are just playing the roles of characters in a romantic comedy movie and that their chemistry on screen is part of their job. Sydney has been engaged to Jonathan Davino, who owns a restaurant, since February 2022.

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