Gigi Hadid’s Declaration Feline Flick Is Presently an Icon of Versace



It is untrue that the sole acceptable method to wear makeup this season is to appear refined and skillfully undone. Models, including Gigi Hadid and Amelia Grey, walked the runway at the Versace fall 2024 show on Friday sporting eye looks that would have made even the most melancholy adolescent proud.

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According to Pat McGrath, the makeup artist responsible for the looks, “it’s all about punk.” The main feature is a moist, inky-black eye that is seductive and elegant but also exudes a rebellious vibe. Punk, maybe, but Versace all the same.

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Smudged into the waterline for a worn-in look, this is no ordinary feline flick. McGrath debuted three distinct ensembles on the runway, each with its own unique style and unquestionably graphic aesthetic. “It’s a dramatic black wing: one that pairs with bleached brows is very bold and one that has soft edges and is sharp and graphic,” she tells Vogue.

She applied a lot of mascara after layering her Mothership I: Subliminal Palette’s Xtreme Black shade over her PermaGel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil, which is also in Xtreme Black, for intensity. How to make it look luxurious? (After all, this is a Versace show.) a dollop of transparent balm in the middle of the lids to create a “glossy, reflecting effect.”

Hadid has walked a Versace runway before thanks to her exceptional graphic sense. Recall that models from the autumn 2023 collection sported a strikingly punk graphic liner, which helped to establish the look as a Versace trademark. It’s an eye that demands a certain amount of confidence, but it looks absolutely great when paired with exposed glowing skin and shiny hair.