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Ghost adventures season 20: Plot | Cast | Platforms


David Mudd

We get to witness a lot of crap in the name of reality shows. they might be utterly fake or scripted or might show situations that might not appear natural to the viewers. You must have seen plenty of reality shows that display love, affection, lifestyle challenges, dance, drama, singing, cooking etc. But, have you ever witnessed a horror reality show like Ghost adventures season 20.

Yes, you read that right. Ghost adventures is a great horror reality show that can scare the wits out of you. There are several people out there who get a huge kick out of watching horror shows and imagining things emerging out of thin air.

Therefore, for such brave hearts, the show was a blessing in disguise. The adrenaline rush, the real-time immersive horror experience is worth catching.

About Ghost Adventures

the cast of ghost adventures
The original cast of ghost adventures

The paranormal documentary and reality television series Ghost Adventures debuted on October 17, 2008, in the United States. The show is created by Zak Bagans and MY-Tupelo Entertainment has bankrolled the venture. Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley are ghost hunters who explore haunted sites. They explore these sites in the hopes of gathering photographic or audio verification of paranormal activity.

The show has an overall brilliant ratings of 7.5 out of 10 on IMDB with various of its individual episodes topping the charts over the years. The show has spanned over 24 seasons having 231 episodes with 49 additional special episodes. The latest season that aired on the Travel Channel was first launched on November 5, 2020, and after 11 terrific episodes, the season ended with the 11th episode airing on April 30, 2021. The show has been shot across various locations in the US and sometimes even outside of it.

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The Plot of Ghost adventures?

a still from ghost adventures show
Season 19 of ghost adventures was intriguing to watch.

The crew starts each episode by visiting the investigative site with the site’s owners or caretakers. Bagans’ voice-overs of the site’s past, as well as interviews with individuals who claim to have observed paranormal activity there, are usually used in these introductions. The crew uses black or grey tape to make X’s at the locations of extreme suspected paranormal activities based on these interviews.

They then return to these locations to set up static night-vision cameras in an attempt to capture the event on video. They address their plan after finishing the walk-through, using a range of devices such as audio recorders, portable digital video cameras, electromagnetic field meters, digital thermometers, point of view cameras, the Ovilus system, and infrared night-vision cameras to try collecting the required pieces of evidence. The key important

bits of proof discovered are then discussed and clarified at the right times during the inquiry. The crew appears to have claimed that they have observed and witnessed numerous Fortean phenomena during the series. all their conclusions are boiled down to be shown in the 42-minute runtime of the episode

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The Plot of Ghost Adventures Season 20?

There are several people who assume the show to be fake and scripted at various times. Nevertheless, the makers of the show exclusively claim that the latest season is the most horrifying yet. One of America’s longest-running documentary reality shows had renewed with a new season with more frightening experiences for the viewers in line.

Episode-wise synopsis

a still from ghost adventures season 19
Ghost adventures is a modern day reality show.

Here is the episode-wise synopsis so that you are further intrigued to delve deeper into the horror rollercoaster:

  • In the first episode, Zak and the crew board a 100-year-old steam locomotive for an unforgettable lockout. When the guys pursue stories of apparitions and unusual phenomena along the historic Nevada Northern Railway, it’s a ghost adventure.
  • In the second episode, Zak and the crew visit a landmark New Mexico hotel where several employees have resigned due to an increase in paranormal activity.
  • In the third episode, The crew heads to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to explore an old brothel and saloon that is haunted by a malevolent spirit. As they try to figure out what’s causing the haunting and save the owner from more injury, the vicious entity drives the guys to their limits.
  • In the fourth episode, The gang pays a visit to The Comedy Store, a legendary comedy club in Los Angeles. During the star-studded inquiry, the house is shrouded in disaster and violence, generating paranormal energy unlike any other.
  • In the fifth episode, In Las Vegas, Zak and the squad retaliate against a paranormal emergency. A mourning widow believes she has been abducted by a supernatural spirit since she is constantly attacked.
  • In the sixth episode, Zak and the crew explore rampant ghost activity at Ranch Island, a once idyllic communal compound south of Las Vegas. One of the crew members is caught in a precarious situation.
  • In the seventh episode, After members of a paranormal conference were adversely influenced by a mysterious force in the once-booming mining town of Vulture City, Arizona, the team returns to investigate.
  • In the eighth episode, Zak and the gang arrive at the desert hotel where country music connoisseur Gram Parsons died in 1973. The team investigates the insightful and often destructive supernatural energy that pervades the premises with the assistance of special guest investigator Loren Gray, a musician, and social media star.
  • In the ninth episode, Zak and the gang investigate a home in Utah owned by a descendant of the Jessop polygamist tribe.
  • In the tenth episode, Zak and the gang head to Utah to explore a 150-year-old grist mill that is plagued by shadowy figures, demonic activity, and an enraged masculine force.
  • In the eleventh episode, the season finale, To explore escalating ghost activity, Zak and the crew board a steam ferry from the 1800s. After lying idle for months during the COVID-19 pandemic, the crew suspects that something sinister has awoken on the historic ship.

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Where to watch Ghost Adventures season 20?

Since its inception in 2008, the show has been telecasted on Travel Channel. Lately, in 2021, the show has been shifted to be telecasted on Discovery+. The show can also be browsed on Amazon Prime Video on subscription in the United States of America. The further availability can differ from area to area.


After all these horrific descriptions, I am sure most of you might be curious enough to just tune into the most realistic horror experiences one can get. 

The series is sure to give you a good night’s sleep (winks). Go on and watch the amazing series that can definitely push you on the edge.

Dropdown your comments about questions and thoughts that you think for the new season of Ghost adventures season 20.