Get to Know the Release Date and Many More About: A Man Called Otto?


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A man called Otto movie is taken from the bestselling novel “A Man Called Ove”. This movie was previously adapted into another movie which was released by the same name in 2015.

The movie was released by Swedish filmmaker and screenwriter Hannes holm. Later on, the movie was released in the United States.

This movie received two nods at the 89th academy awards for best foreign language film and also the movie received the award for best makeup and hairstyling categories.

a man called otto

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In the English language, the movie name is adapted as A Man Called Otto. The name of the protagonist has been changed to reflect his appearance as American.

The movie is directed by Marc Foster. He is well known for his previous movies like Finding Neverland and World War Z. Penning of this movie is done by two times Oscar nominee David Magee who is well known for Life of Pi and Mary Poppins Returns.

This duo had worked together on Finding Neverland which was released in 2004. The lead movie roles were Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet.

a man called otto

A Man Called Ove is described as a life-affirming novel by the critics and audience. The eye-catching sincerity of its characters and the way friendship takes play in their lives is worth watching the story we can say about it.

The lead role in this movie will be done by Tom Hanks. He has the responsibility to shape the character as Swedish actor Rolf Lassagard had done in the previous film.

Trailer of A Man Called Otto?

Check out the first appearance of Tom Hanks in his upcoming movie A Man Called Otto.

What Will Be the Release Date of a Man Called Otto?

According to reports of Collider, “A Man Called Otto will hit the theatres on Christmas day which means on 25th December 2022.

As per the news, the filming of this movie started at the beginning of the year but the location of this movie is not disclosed yet.

This movie is produced by Per Deadline. Also, other producers of this movie include Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman.

Also, the company which produced the Swedish version of this movie will produce this one too. The name of the Swedish Production Company is Fredrik Wikstrom Nicastro of SF studios.

The previous version gained global attention and became the highest-grossing foreign language film in the United States in the year 2016.

a man called otto

The bestselling novel has sold 7 million copies globally. Its English translation had remained on New York Times best sellers list for about 77 weeks. We just hope that its English version too will hit the theatre with a bang!

The book is precious to its fans so we are hoping that fans won’t get disappointed with the English version of A Man Called Otto.

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If Tom Hanks get succeed in achieving the role of the character then undoubtedly A Man Called Otto will be another worthy adaptation of the novel.

What is the Story of a Man Called Otto?

The movie is originally written in Swedish and is now aesthetically translated into English after its release in 2013. The Swedish movie was helmed by Henning Koch.

The story revolves around Ove means Otto who is a grumpy old widower who lives in a community which thaws his heart.

What is the Synopsis of the English Novel “A Man Called Otto”?

Otto is a man who follows strict principles, and strict routines and has a short fuse. People used to call him a bitter neighbour from hell.

Along with this cranky behaviour, there is some story and sadness in Otto’s life which is portrayed in this novel.

Frequently Asked questions

Who Will Be the Cast of “A Man Called Otto”?

Actor Tom Hanks will play the role of the grumpy old man which is named Otto in this movie. He is forced to retire from his work. The overall look of the movie shows that it does not disappoint its fans. He played a heartfelt performance in the movie as per reports.

Otto was a noteworthy role for him to tackle his character carefully.

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What is the Book “A Man Called Otto” About?

The book A man called Otto is all about a cranky old, widower who strikes an unlikely friendship with his new neighbours. It is a remake of the Swedish film A Man Called Ove which was released in 2015.


From this overall information, we have got to know that, the film is going to bang the theatres this Christmas season. So stay tuned with us for getting more information regarding this upcoming movie A Man Called Otto.

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