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Get the “On My Block Season 4” Release Date News


David Mudd

on my block season 4

Do you fall in love with the series or movies that you can relate to, like “On My Block Seasons” (Wait for On My Block Season 4)?

Yes, we all find a magical association with movies that capture our eyes till the end of the show.

One such series that you have already watched is “On My Block”?

But if you haven’t watched it, don’t worry because you will know what you are missing out on in this article.

For the fans of the “On my Block” season, there is some incredible news that will just pounce your heart out with happiness.

So, hold on to your seat, grab a cup of coffee and continue reading.

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How can you relate to “On My Block”: Plot

On my Block” is an American comedy plus drama teen series that is created by Jeremy Haft, Lauren Lungerich, and Eddie Gonzalez.

You can associate yourself with this series very well because it is all about the journey of teens’ life and friendship. 

When we are in our teenage years the most important people in our life are our friends after family and for some family can come secondary also, I can say so because I have encountered this phase with the same difficulty.

This series is a reminiscence of our teenage years which was full of chaos from all sides of our life, be it from our family’s side, friend’s side, partner’s side, or school side.

It is a phase of making the wrong decision and then working on assembling the pieces that got apart because of our bad decisions.

Something similar is shown in this series as well.

The season starts with the four friends: Jamal, Cesar, Monse, and Ruby, who are starting their high-school life. But when Ruby comes back from the writing camp, he and Jamal are on the cuts with Cesar.

I would not make the mistake of telling you why there is such tension between these 3 friends. If you haven’t watched the series, go and watch it, till then, I’ll continue to tell you more about the series.

on my block season 4

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Is season 4 of “On My Block” confirmed?

After watching all the 3 seasons of On My Black, you will be happy to know that you don’t have to wait for a much longer time for On My Block season 4. As the third season premiered on March 11, 2020. You can expect season 4 anytime soon. 

From the Instagram post of one of the creators, “Jeremy Haft”, it is clear that the shooting of the series has started. This is also evident from the star Diego Tinoco’s Instagram post, where he shared the video of him getting shaved on the first day of shooting for Season 4.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jeremy Haft (@haftjeremy)

Isn’t it a piece of fabulous news?

But until now, there is no official news on the release date of season 4, But the rumours were all-round the date sometime in March, 2020.

So can you make a guess of why it is delayed?

Yes, you are right, the pandemic hit everybody hard, so this is why the shooting got delayed. If there was no pandemic, we could have expected the release date till now, right?

But not to worry because we are convinced that season 4 is finally happening, and this piece of news is sufficient for us to wait for it. 

And as per the post of Jeremy Hafty, this will be the last season, so you should see it with all your passion and prepare yourself to say goodbye to the series after watching the last one.

Are you ready for it? I am sure you are..

on my block season 4

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Wrapping Up

To enjoy the series like you enjoyed the first season, I would suggest you watch it again to refresh all the parts and scenes of the series. Unfortunately, there are times when we forget some bits and pieces of the series, or we also mix them up. 

Isn’t it a good idea?

Tell me in the comment section whether you would watch the series again or not. Till then, you can explore the website more to get the updated news for your favourite series.