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Aditi Narendra

Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, the writers of the original TV series, are referred to as “consultants” in the “Get Smart” closing credits. They must have said, “Don’t fix it if it works.” One of the best James Bond-inspired humorous parodies is “Get Smart,” which is available as both a TV show and a movie. It’s hilarious, thrilling, ridiculous, gorgeous, and produced with the same kind of technical skill we’d expect from a brand-new Bond film. All of that is extremely lovely, but the casting’s flawless pitch is even nicer.

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Maxwell Smart, the bumbling yet ambitious and too self-assured agent for CONTROL, a covert American organization in competition with the CIA, is played by Steve Carell in a contagious manner. His responsibility is to interpret overheard talks involving KAOS, its Russian equivalent. He is exceptional at this: Why do KAOS agents talk about muffins, exactly? They obviously have a lot of worries considering muffins are a comfort meal. Brilliant, but he fails to recognize the relevance of the bakeries they are also discussing: a high-level uranium cooking facility.

Get Smart Cast

  • Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart
  • Anne Hathaway as Agent 99
  • Dwayne Johnson as Agent 23
  • Alan Arkin as The Chief
  • Terence Stamp as Siegfried
  • Masi Oka as Bruce
  • Nate Torrence as Lloyd
  • Dalip Singh as Dalip
  • Ken Davitian as Shtarker

Get Smart Cast

  • Terry Crews as Agent 91, a CONTROL agent.
  • David Koechner as Larabee
  • James Caan as The President
  • David S. Lee as Ladislas Krstic
  • Bill Murray as Agent 13
  • Patrick Warburton as Hymie
  • John Farley as Agent 38
  • Larry Miller as CIA Agent
  • Kevin Nealon as CIA Agent
  • Blake Clark as General
  • Cedric Yarbrough as Tate
  • Stephen Dunham as Secret Service Commander

Get Smart Plot

Amazingly, Smart is given the opportunity to work alongside the gorgeous Agent 99 as a field agent by the Chief (Alan Arkin) (Anne Hathaway, who never tries too hard but dominates the screen effortlessly). They travel to Russia and team up with Agent 23. (Dwayne Johnson, once known as The Rock). They are being awaited by Siegfried (Terence Stamp), a calm, clipped antagonist.

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Apart from a few spectacular effects sequences and stunt stuff that would make a James Bond production green with jealousy, that’s about it. Some of the chase scenes in “Get Smart” are among the most intricate you can conceive. In particular, a climactic number involving aircraft, trains, and automobiles. “Get Smart” is an A-level production, not a cheapo knockoff. Naturally, Maxwell Smart proves unbreakable, frequently thanks to Agent 99’s assistance; he spends a large chunk in the middle of the movie falling freely without a parachute and is later pulled behind an airplane.

Get Smart Cast

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles is the target of a KAOS plot to destroy it while the American president is there to see a concert there. Given that you’re utilizing the Bomb, would the position of the nuclear weapon matter much, give or take a few miles, underneath the concert grand on the stage?

It also begs another question, and in this case, I’ll be the downer at the party. Do you recall when, immediately following 9/11, we questioned if Hollywood would ever be able to portray terrorist acts as entertainment once more? How long time ago that must have been considering how Maxwell Smart’s plot involves detonating presidents and cities.

Get Smart Review

The movie’s weapons are interesting, especially the Swiss Army knife that Maxwell struggles to use well. The settings, many of which are in Montreal, are fantastic; I was shocked to hear, though, that Moscow was not one of them and had to have been manufactured on a computer. Because they are interspersed with humor, the pursuit and action scenes don’t get boring. A punchline can be substituted for a physical hit. The rhythm emphasizes the joke, making it sound like “bump, bump, joke,” with the verbal blow serving as the knockout and the joke coming right after the last physical beat, which effectively concludes the exchange.

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Yes. And the jokes are actually related to a developing plot thread concerning Anne Hathaway’s romantic life, the cause behind her plastic surgery, and an obvious love triangle. Delivering punchlines in the middle of punches and allowing both to feel realistic enough, at least within the framework of the movie, is one of Steve Carell’s talents. James Bond might get it off as well. And if there isn’t a new Bond movie this summer, am I a heretic if I say “Get Smart” works just as well?

Get Smart Response

Get Smart made a total of $230.7 million globally after earning $130.3 million domestically and $100.3 million elsewhere. The movie earned $38.6 million in its first weekend, taking in the top spot at the box office and averaging $9,891 per cinema in the US and Canada. On August 22, 2008, the movie was released in the UK. It debuted at #3, just behind Mamma Mia! and Hellboy II: The Golden Army.