Get Ready for the Halloween: Your Complete Guide to the Netflix’ Halloween Treat!



Spooky season is just around the corner and the Halloween lovers are already going crazy. Netflix also understands the feelings of its viewers and has launched a spooky collection.  The Spooktacular collection is specially curated for the horror-loving community.

It’s the perfect time for Netflix and chill or THRILL because those movies and series won’t let you sleep at night. Dive in here to learn more about Netflix’s Enter If You Dare Collection.

Halloween is famous for its candy and dress-up ritual, and Netflix has added one more to the list. Netflix’s love for big collections never ends. Last year Netflix launched “ Stream and Scream “ in the spirit of Halloween. Recently, Netflix launched the “ ENTER IF YOU  DARE “ collection on the lines of Stream and Scream.

The cover of the collection is filled with all-time favourite horror legends available on Netflix. Our beloved Wednesday has graced the front spot. Texas Chainsaw Massacre features in the centre and Strangers Things’ Vecna can be seen through one of the windows. Take your time and guess every character or scene you can spot on the poster.

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Have you figured out every character? Drop the name and hints in the comment section.


This new collection is jammed with a lot of spooky genres. Here is a quick reference to all those Spooktacular genres-

The collection is teeming with apocalyptic thrillers, scary and spooky vampires, and real-life hauntings. The movies and series featured will keep you hooked up to the screens. So, dress up spooky and line up for the Halloween season.

Want some inspiration for a Halloween dress up? Check out the video of Venessa Hudgens becoming a terrifying witch for Halloween.


Netflix has set up an entire collection for the Flanagan Fandom. The legendary horror director and creator has teamed up with Netflix for more than a decade. He has 7 titles under his name on the streaming platform. 

The Fall of the House of Usher is already queued up for his superhit instalments of the Flanverse. The trio you never thought you needed is here. Justin Timberlake, Alicia Silverstone, and Benicio Del Toro are here for REPTILE. This small-town murder mystery is in the fall lineup.

Halloween + Games = BEST Combo

There is so much for everyone on the Netflix. The gaming community can also align themselves with Netflix’s spirit of Halloween. The must play games will give you all the thrills that your heart can handle. Slay Away Camp: Netflix & Kill will hit Netflix on October 24. But fear not, this is not the end.  The cult favourite Dead Cells got a spooky Netflix renewal. Dead Cells: Netflix Edition will be available at Netflix Games on October 31.

Enter If You Dare Collection


Here is the quick guide for the spooky line-up of series, shows and movies which will be available on Netflix this Halloween season and beyond that.

Title Release date Genre 
Castlevania : Nocturne September 28 Vampire 
Reptile September 29 Murder mystery
Fair Play October 6 Thriller
The Fall of the House of Usher October 12 Gothic Horror
I Woke Up a Vampire October 17 Family Series
The Devil on Trial October 17 Documentary
Bodies October 19 Murder mystery
Flashback October 20 Mystery and Drama
Creature October 20 Thrilling ( Turkey )
Sister Death October 27 Drama ( Spain )
Leave the World Behind December 8 Apocalyptic horror 


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This amazing line-up of the shows is definitely binge-worthy. Grab your popcorn, draw the curtains, and set the mood for a spooky night. A good night’s sleep may not be possible after getting the thrills. So get ready to drive up your electricity bill by turning on every light near you only to get a sleep. 

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