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Gears 6 : Storyline | Skills | Release Date


David Mudd

Gears of War, usually known as Gears has spiked up anticipation over their future endeavors of Gears 6. The latest version, Gears 5 was an immensely popular video game released in 2019. The gamers enjoyed it so much that they can’t wait for the next part of the game. The third-party shooting game Gear 5 was declared the most successful first-party release by The Coalition. Now the wait for the next part seems endless.

Gamers have been on the hunt for the latest news regarding Gears 6 ever since. The bloodbath of securing the planet Sera has kept gamers hooked for decades. These loyal fan gamers are now waiting in silence for Gears 6. 

In this article, we cover everything related to Gears 6 to keep you posted. Here is everything we know about the game. 

Gears 6: when will it release

Even though the previous instalments of the game have gained the status of classics, it might be a while till the new launch happens. GameBeats reporter Jeff Grub has said that The Coalition is creating new games with new resources. According to him,  the company right now is helping out 343 industries regarding Halo Infinite. He also said that the company was working on the new Gears game. But he didn’t mention if it was a new game or another instalment. 

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Rod Ferguson parts ways with Gears 6th 

a glimpse from the game, gears
Gears and its gameplay!

Apart from this, Rod Ferguson, one of the pivotal members who had been the brains behind the Gears of War gaming department for Microsoft, recently left the company and joined Blizzard – Activision to work on their project Diabolo 4. Experts believe that without Ferguson’s impeccable leadership, the new release will inevitably face challenges and further delays. During his tenure, Gears of War released one instalment and two new games – Gears of War 4 and 5 both of which made the gamers truly satisfied. 

The Coalition’s New Plan 

the official poster of Gears 5
The earlier version of Gears 6!

The Coalition, at the moment, is said to be very busy. They have got their hands on new projects as well as new resources. For example, for the upcoming games, the Coalition plans to shift to Unreal Engine 5(Yes!). 

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Why should you look forward to the next Gears of War 

a glimpse from gears
Featuring a still from the game, Gears

As Gears of War will use photorealism and film quality CG, it will bring a massive visual experience to the gamers. The two brand new solution techniques used in this enterprise are Lumen and Nanite. Whereas Lumen provides excellent visuals creating the perfect balance between light and darkness, Nanite gives the designers the freedom to include as many geometric figures as they want. The visual look is unimaginably delicious on a PlayStation 5. 

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Release date of Gears 6

Even though it is hinted that a lot is happening in the Coalition right now and new projects will launch in near future, there is no specific official release date as of yet. 


The gaming industry is always busy and manages to surprise us with new launches. We expect something of this sort this time around. Even though there is no official confirmation regarding Gears 6, the Coalition is keeping their loyal fans happy with new modes, adventures, skins and updates.

The firms know that audiences rule the industry. It is their support the company must seek during their interval time. And the loyal gamers are eagerly waiting with high hopes for Gears 6. We hope that for the sake of fans, the Coalition will soon confirm us with good news. 

Did you guys ever play this play? What do you like or dislike the most about this game? Are you eagerly waiting for Gears 6? We would love to know your thoughts. Do let us know your thoughts in our comment section below.