Gay Movies On Netflix: Here’s The List Of 12 Movies!



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Let’s face it, there hasn’t always been adequate gay representation in movies. For a very long time, quality gay cinema was either almost nonexistent or used worn-out, tokenizing clichés. Even with that in mind, heteronormative stories have dominated mainstream cinema for decades.

However, homosexual cinema has become sufficiently mainstream to support some award-winning, prestige films, in contrast to when such accusations used to originate from a nearly barren canon. The shortage may occasionally require you to sift through terrible narratives, but with enough digging, gold will ultimately appear. Fortunately for you, we’ve already done most of the research when it comes to Netflix.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” story in the homosexual portrayal in movies, which is one of its most appealing aspects. There are comedies, gripping dramas, adventures, and a few documentaries thrown in as well, so it’s no longer simply about gay trauma.

Here Are The Best Gay Movies On Netflix:

1. Disclosure

Start with Disclosure if you’re seeking for a thorough introduction to the lives of trans people. Disclosure is a personal and upbeat look at the strides the trans community has achieved on its quest to be recognized, valued, and appreciated for who they are as people, despite the fact that no one experience can encompass a whole group.

2. The Boys in the Band

One of the most lovely aspects of The Boys in the Band is its progression. The 1968 Off-Broadway play’s original version was brought back and performed on Broadway. It won praise from the critics. It was translated by the same cast into a movie, which is currently available on Netflix and perfectly conveys what it meant to be a homosexual guy in the 1960s—a time when far too many people’s identities were hidden from view.

3. A Secret Love

A League of Their Own, take note: One member of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League and her partner have a love that hasn’t been shown on TV yet. The romantic relationship between the two ladies, which spanned decades of secret, is revealed in the film A Secret Love, which was directed by Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel’s great-nephew.

4. The Half of It

The Half Of It is the touching tale of Elie, a bookish high school student who gets caught up in an odd love triangle when a jock enlists her assistance in pursuing Aster, her own crush. It is the ideal addition to any Baby GayTM’s coming-of-age canon. The Alice Wu-directed picture, which has an Asian-American lead, provides some much-needed representation in young adult-focused queer filmmaking.

5. Circus of Books

Circus of Books is a documentary about the same-named West Hollywood bookstore that, in the 1980s, grew to be the largest distributor of gay porn in the United States, as well as about its history as a gay social club and the husband and wife owners who maintained their anonymity by operating it as a library. A classic case of allyship, no pun intended.

6. Dear Ex

When it is discovered that his late father’s hidden male lover is the principal insurance beneficiary, a teenage kid named Song finds himself in a complicated triangle. Song’s mother battles with her grief and possession, resolute not to lose another loved one’s favour to the elusive guy, as Song finds his loyalties caught between the two feuding factions and widower.

7. The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson

Marsha P. Johnson is well-known, especially for being the purported thrower of the first brick at Stonewall. But few people are aware of her death’s circumstances, and many people think that it was wrongly deemed a suicide. The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson, a stalwart of the LGBTQ community, is simply compulsory reading. And in this instance, that isn’t a cliché.

8. The Perfection

The Perfection is one of those absurdist movies that isn’t necessarily well-made but dang if it isn’t a lot of fun to see. This gay horror movie, which stars Logan Browning and Allison Williams, is all about psychological manipulation and a little bit of humour. Always worthwhile, even if for nothing else.

 9. Alex Strangelove

This teen film begins like any other: Daniel Doheny’s character, Alex Truelove, wants to become a virgin to his fiancée. However, this one has a catch. He eventually meets and falls in love with Elliot (Antonio Marziale). But fear not—this still adheres to the teen movie tenets of some anguish, sweet moments, and sexual exploration.

10. Elisa & Marcela

The first same-sex marriage to occur in Spain is the subject of this film by Spanish director Isabel Coixet. The heartbreaking true story centres on Elisa Sanchez Loriga, who assumed Mario Sánchez’s identity in order to wed Marcela Gracia Ibeas, her lover. The Catholic church later learned of this marriage, which occurred on June 8, 1901, but never officially condemned the union. However, the couple did spend the remainder of their lives eluding capture.

11. Tig

This film chronicles the life of lesbian comedian Tig Notaro, who uses her breast cancer diagnosis as the basis for her impactful comedic routine. The voyage of the clever comedy is both funny and moving, and man if it doesn’t serve up a lot of both.

12. A Single Man

Colin Firth portrays George Falconer, an English professor in Los Angeles in 1962, in this Tom Ford movie. Despite the fact that Jim’s family won’t acknowledge him, he is still mourning the loss of his spouse. George makes the decision to terminate his life, but as he is ready to do so, he runs into a number of crucial figures from his past who just might persuade him that there’s still life to live.

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