Gangs of London Season 2: Will There Be Another Season?



Gangs of London is one of the highly anticipated series that has been developed in recent years. Based on the video games, the series is followed by the amazing visual adaption of the video games. Following the amazing production and great characters, the series has already topped the chart and was already getting hype on the internet. I think there is rarely anyone who hasn’t heard about the series. With the completion of the first season, fans are eagerly waiting for  Gangs of London Season 2 to happen. 

Gangs of London is a British Crime drama series that focused around the time 2006. The series started with the smash hot and instantly got amazing views from the audience. Though, the series has managed to gain more than 2.26 Million in the initial opening. 

The show is known for its intriguing storyline that grabs the attention of the audience through the first season and ends in the last episodes. More than that, this has proven from every point that it deserved more than the level of appreciation it has right now. 

With its first season dealing with the people of London and railings around their struggles and hardship, many people are confused about how the show climaxed with the ending. The show has already gained such massive popularity that the people are waiting to hear about the second season. Here is everything that you need to learn about Gangs of London Season 2.

Gangs of London Season 2: Will there be Another Season?

Gangs of London Season 2  Undoubtedly, fans are eager to learn about the second season of this show. The series already holds massive popularity and there is no wonder that the official would try to maintain the ratings and viewership throughout the end of the season. With many people already waiting to learn what exactly happened after the final episode and who killed Sean, many fans have one more question and that is, “Will there be Gangs of London season 2?” 

The officials recently responded regarding the show by saying, “We are delighted by the response to Gangs of London and to have brought [showrunner] Gareth Evans’ unique cinematic vision to the small screen for the first time,” said Sky Studios boss Cameron Roach at the time.

“This epic saga, with family at its heart and visceral action-packed fight sequences has taken audiences on an immersive journey into the underbelly of London’s modern-day criminal underworld.”

“Not only is Gangs of London Sky’s most binged premiere box-set this year, but it’s also the biggest original drama launch on Sky Atlantic of the past five years,” said Sky UK’s managing director of content Zai Bennett.

“It’s dark, dangerous and we are thrilled it is coming back for a second series.”

The first season was wrapped up in 2020 and it’s been more than 2 years since the fans last witnessed the series. Ending on a major cliffhanger, the show is highly likely to adapt the story and release another season. 

Sky Network has officially confirmed the production of the second season. The officials have already talked about the second season and revealed their plans regarding the series.  The audience is vulnerable to hearing the updates but unfortunately, the officials have not yet responded to anything more. The good news is that the series is renewed and it will eventually be released. 

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Gangs of London Season 2 Release Date: When is it going to Release?

It’s been quite a while since there has been news regarding the second season of the series. There were rumors that Sky has already been developing the details but the global pandemic has already come in between. As far as we know, there is no doubt that the pandemic has become a big hurdle in production. 

But since everyone is already working on the shows and the production has already started it would be wrong if the officials still do not give any updates. 

Unfortunately, there is no release date to be delivered. Lightly inspired by the 2006 times, the series has already a lot to speak of. With the confirmation coming from the officials and the release of the small teaser, the audience is still looking for the release date update. 

At the time of writing, no news could confirm the release of the series. It looks like the officials have not yet worked on that. The series was originally released in the UK and later broadcast in other parts of the world. If the series had been under any official streaming platform, it would have achieved more popularity than before. 

If things went right, we might be able to see the series in 2023 or 2024. It looks like the show is unlikely to release in 2022. Still, if there will be any updates in the show, we’ll make sure to let you know.

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Gangs of London Season 2 Cast: Who will be back?

Gangs of London Season 2

In the first season, everyone thought that Sean is the major protagonist of the series. Well! It turns out he wasn’t. In the first season, we saw him killed in the ending, and though, there is no chance we are getting him back for the second one. 

The series will start by focusing on another character, which possibly is the main lead of the creator’s demand, What makes the series different from the rest of the shows is that there ain’t any main lead (at least now). 

In the second season, we’re possibly going to see Elliot (Ṣọpẹ Dìrísù), Alex (Paapa Essiedu), Ed (Lucian Msamati), Shannon (Philippa Bennett-Warner), Finn’s mistress Floriana (Arta Dobroshi), Lale (Narges Rashidi), Asif (Asif Raza Mir), Luan (Orli Shuka), Mosi (Richard Pepple) and others. 

We know Sean’s mother faked her death in the show and she is not dead. Also, who killed Season? Many questions lay behind and will be the foundation of the second season. 

Moreover, there might be some new faces in the series who will be going to play a major role. We are still nowhere near hearing any official statement but if there will be anything, we’ll make sure to let you know.

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Gangs of London Season 2 Plot: What can we expect with it?

Gangs of London Season 2

The set follows around London and deals with the gangs of the city. Throughout the show, we see how the gangs (smaller and larger groups) manage to get their spots and struggle to manage their power. Everyone wants to achieve the greatest power and role over the people. 

Many people will find the show similar to “Peaky Blinder” and it will match their level of generosity, the political and character development of the series will give you chills. The story brings the best action and thriller out of the story. The first season follows the underworld crime and shows some of the brutal murders of some characters.
We saw that the top criminal of London, Finn Wallace, dies surprisingly and everyone is willing to know about it. 

The show later features what happens in the whole story and the suspense. There are questions regarding who killed Finn Wallace. After his death, we saw that the other gangs tried to hold the power. Sean finds the opportunity and becomes one of the leading powers among the people. With all these happening, we see some inside conflicts and new ideas that emerge through the ending.  The ending of the series witnessed violence and great conflicts between the gangs. 

As for now, the series has majorly ended on a cliffhanger and there is already confirmed that the showrunners are going to extend the series. We don’t have any specific plot regarding the second season but we specified that it will be interesting just like the first one. We are assuming that the second season will feature the story around the mystery of the murder of Sean. While his father has been in the same business, we thought that something similar would take place with him too. But eventually, Sean dies in the final season.

The officials said, “Since the collapse of the Wallace Dumani empire, the order is lacking, and the energy and chaos of a gold rush threaten the city with gangland anarchy.

The Investors are viewing the city as a place of ruin and decide enough is enough. Licensing a new gang to restore stability, drama instead ensues. These brutal enforcers bring a new kind of authority, coldly designed to terrorize the other gangs into submission. Anyone doing business in the city must now go through them, and our gangs must decide where their loyalties lie if they are to survive.”

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