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Gamestop : Gamestop Is Defending Its Choice To Remain Open Amid The Pandemic


David Mudd

Amidst this, Gamestop has declared that its stores will remain open and they will maintain the necessary precautions for safety. However, many people are concerned with this take of Gamestop. But it says that it is essential to retail and therefore can open during the pandemic.

Coronavirus is not going anytime soon. With the rise in its spread, it has everyone concerned. It is important that at this time, everyone maintains their standards of hygiene. In addition to that, it is also necessary for everyone to remain secluded to avoid any more spread of the pandemic.



Gamestop Is Not Closing Amidst The Pandemic

Even amidst the pandemic, Gamestop is showing no signs of closing. It has tweeted saying that it will continue to provide services amidst the outbreak. The firm said that it is a part of essential retail. Therefore, there is no reason for them to close. However, they will follow all the necessary protocols to ensure safety on their premises.

This also includes the branch in San Fransisco. San Fransisco is going to enforce the shelter in place very soon. So, it will be very important for store owners to get permission to get their stores opened during this time. All non-essential businesses are supposed to shut down.

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The Measures It Will Follow

GameStop is using all possible social distancing practices in its stores. It has reduced its store hours and allows only 10 people at a time. Moreover, now you have an option where customers can pick their orders outside the store. All the launches and events scheduled during this time are postponed and trade-ins suspended. The facility of in-store game stations is also disabled.


It is also maintaining its standard in terms of employee security. The place is loaded with essential hand sanitizer and disinfectants. All the employees are in their best of health. Those with flu-like symptoms or sick are advised to keep home.

What Is Expected Next?

Many employees have panicked over this. They feel a threat to their general safety at this time of the problem. But there is no official statement of GameStop to back that. However, considering the strictness of the orders enforced, GameStop can be asked to close. At this time, many employees have claimed that sales are still an issue for the firm. If more such issues pertain, maybe the store owners close it for the time being. However, there is no surety of the same.

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