Game Art In-House or Art Outsourcing Studio: Which is Better?


Riya Arya

The video game development is a complex and multifaceted place where the combination of creativity and technology get involved to bring virtual worlds to life. It plays a vital role in the success of a game. Developers often face a pivotal choice between: should they establish an in-house art team or outsource their art to specialized studios? Let’s discuss.

There has been a long time discussion about which of the one is more better to be approached. One good thing about game art is that the developers feel free to work. They don’t have to worry to follow the routine of the team.

In this article, we will explore about Game Art In-House and Art Outsourcing Studio. Keep reading this article till the end and let’s have a look on what we have found out so far for you. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Game Art In-House Production

Game Art In-House production signifies to recruiting full-time game art designers. They work as part of the internal operations of organization to reach game art requirements. However, the more freedom it gives to work free environment, the more hectic it can be as building a Game Art In-House production team is not that easy takes a lot of ideas. Also read about these popular games like 2D GAME ART STYLESExplore These Essential Games Like Getting Over It! and Games Like Fear and Hunger That You Must Play!

Game Art In-House or Art Outsourcing Studio

Game Art Outsourcing

It can can take many years as developing video game is not an easy thing. Game development includes scripting, animation, character design, programming, testing, and a lot more. Many companies look for outsourcing their game art to good studios.

Hiring in-house game art designers can be time-consuming. The process involves interviewing, filtering, and training the candidates. Game art outsourcing studio asks several questions. The right answer will help t final product to be delivered. Also read  Role in Crafting Immersive and Exciting Games and Explore Top Trending Video Games Evoking the Vibes of John Wick

Game Art In-House or Art Outsourcing Studio

In-House Studio and Outsourcing Studio

In-House Studio: In-house teams has a great control and of fees collaboration for development team. Good communication and immediate feedback will lead to quick interactions.

Outsourcing Studio: Outsourcing Studios have experience, which works in providing high-quality art. It can be cost-effective for smaller studios.

Are Game Artists in High Demand?

The global video game industry is one of strong and positive growing industry. Its demand has arisen during the 2020s. It helps in design idea. Character models with different postures are usually created imagining movements.

What Should You Prefer?: Game Art In-House or Art Outsourcing Studio

The decision to choose between in-house game art development and outsourcing to a studio is based on several facts such as one’s project’s scope, interest, budget, timeline and many more. The decision should be depend on the project’s specific needs, resources, and objectives.

However, most of the companies prefer a combination, outsourcing for specific tasks and maintaining in-house teams for core development. While there are some who go for opposite ones for better communication. What do you think? Which one do you prefer the most.


To conclude the answer, the choice between in-house game art studio and art outsourcing studios should be made as per preferences. Some companies choose in-house teams for development and outsourcing for specialized tasks. Which side are you on?

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