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Gama Pehlwan Family? Latest Information!

The Gama Pahwalan wasn’t the real name of the great wrestler. He was born as Ghulam Mohammad Baksh on 22 May, 1878 in Jabbowal vill of Amritsar, India.

 He belonged to a family of Kashmiri Muslims into wrestling.

Family, Woman and Children of Gama Pehalwan

The Father of Gama Pehalwan was “ Muhammad Aziz Baksh ” who was also a wrestler. He belonged to a Muslim Kashmiri family and had a family named “ Imam Babksh Pehalwan ”.

 Gama married doubly in his life; Wazir Begum and one further. He’d five sons and four daughters in aggregate. His granddaughter Kalsoom is the woman of Nawaz Sharif. Another family of Kalsoom, Sairu Banu is the woman of Jhara Pehalwan.

gama pehlwan family

Family Support and Morning in Wrestling Career

Ghulam Muhammad Baksh Butt’s father i.e. Gama Pehalwan’s father used to fight wrestling in the court of Maharaja Bhawani Singh of Datia.

It was his father Aziz Baksh who saw the dream of making Gama a wrestler but before he could make his son a wrestler, unfortunately he failed. 6- time-old Ghulam Muhammad Baksh Butt was taken up by his motherly forefather Noon Pehalwan to educate him and his family wrestling.

After this, Gama Pehalwan’s motherly uncle Ida Pehelwan tutored both of them scuffling tricks.

First Recognition of ‘ the Great Gama ‘ in Wrestling

 Since he was born in a family of wrestlers so it was relatively egregious that he’d have inclination towards this since starting. He also loved wrestling and started rehearsing since veritably beforehand.

It was at the age of ten in the time 1988 when he was first noticed. He was sharing in a tyrannizer competition being held in Jodhpur where hundreds of wrestlers were particpating.

 ‘ Rustam-e-Hind ’-Prestigious Award

 utmost of the people know about the fact that Dara Singh won ‘ Rustam-e-Hind ’ award. But numerous people don’t know that it was ‘ The Great Gama ’ who had named this prestigious award to his name before Dara Singh.

Diurnal Drill Routine of “ the Great Gama “

 He was known for doing 5000 syllables and 1000 pushups in a day. There was no wrestler who could stand in front of him. He stunned all the wrestlers.

 In place of his father, Gama Pehalwan also came a wrestler in the court of the Maharaja of Datia. During this he used to exercise for further than 12 hours. It’s said that he used to do about 2 to 3 thousand discipline meetings and 3000 pushups every day.

gama pehlwan family

30 Twinkles Challenge by the Great Gama

 To contend with Western wrestlers, Gama went to England with his youngish family, Imam Baksh.

 Still, due to his short elevation, he couldn’t get admission incontinently. No bone originally took him seriously so attack this he issued a challenge to the top position wrestlers that he could throw any 3 wrestlers of any weight class in 30 twinkles, but no bone turned as they considered it a humbug.

 But American wrestler Benjamin Roller was the first to take up Gama’s challenge. Gamma projected him for the first time in 1 nanosecond 40 seconds and the alternate time in 9 twinkles 10 seconds. The coming day, Gama defeated 12 wrestlers to enter the sanctioned event.

Gama vs Zbyszko

 On 10 September 1910, in the final of the John Bull World Crowns in London, Gama faced world champion Stanislaus Zbyszko. The prize plutocrat of the match was £ 250( ₹ 22000).

 After nearly three hours of scuffling, Zabieszko defeated The Great Gama to a draw. The coming time, when Zbyszko and Gama were set to face each other, Zbyszko didn’t show up and Gama surfaced the winner.

 Who gave the Title of “ Tiger ” to The Great Gama?

 Gamma had no opponents until 1927. still, shortly after, it was blazoned that Gama and Zbieszko would face each other again. In January 1928 in Patiala, Gama defeated Zabisco within a nanosecond and won the Indian edition of the World Wrestling Championship. After the bout, Zabieszko called Gama a “ barracuda ”.

Who Was the Strongest Opponent to the Great Gama?

 Strongest Opponent When asked about his strongest opponent, Gama replied, “ Rahim Baksh Sultani Wala. ” In 1916, Gama defeated another of India’s stylish wrestlers, Pandit Biddu.

gama pehlwan family

 Retirement of The Gream Gama

Gama moved to Pakistan after Indo- Pakistan partition in 1947.

 Until his withdrawal in 1952, Gama failed to find any other rival. After his withdrawal, Gama counseled his whoreson Bholu Pehalwan, who organized the Pakistani Wrestling Crowns for nearly twenty times.

The Great Gama’s last days of Life

 It’s said that The Great Gama suffered a massive fiscal crunches in his last days of life. He indeed Gama suffered a habitual illness and plodded to pay for his treatment.

To help them, GD Birla, an industrialist bestowed him a yearly pension of ₹1,000 and ₹ 300. GD Birla was also a great wrestling addict. The Government of Pakistan also supported his medical charges till his death on 23 May 1960.

Shocking Intriguing Data & Secrets About the Great Gama

  • His birth name was Ghulam Mohammad Baksh Butt.
  •  He was also addressed as Gama Pehalwan and The Great Gama.
  •  For being an undefeated world scuffling champion of the 20th century, he was called Rustam-e-Hind( Rustam of India or Champion of India), which name was earned in 1954 by Dara Singh.
  •  He used to do 5 thousand uthak- baithaks and 3 thousands dands in his drill in a day.
  • He used to take 15- liter milk and dry fruit mixed juice a day.

 At the age of 17 in 1895, he challenged Raheem Bakhsh Sultani Wala who was 7 bases altitudinous and was the world champion wrestler of India of that time. No bone came the winner of the fight between Gama and Raheem, the fight was ended in a draw.

 One of his avaricious followers was the world’s notorious martial artist’ Bruce Lee’.

 Google recognized him by making a Google Doodle of Gama Pehlwan on 22-05-2022 the day of his 144th birth anniversary.

gama pehlwan family

 Gama Pehlwan Wrestling Career

 Gama Pehlwan was first to notice when he entered a tyrannizer completion at the age of 10 held in Jodhpur. He was among the top 15 actors in the competition and the Maharaja of Jodhpur was impressed by him. He was declared the winner due to his youthful age.

Gama’s professional training started when the Maharaja of Datai got to know about him and took him for training. When he entered a wrestling competition in Baroda, Gama Pehlwan lifted a further than 1200 kg gravestone. The gravestone is kept in the Baroda Museum as a symbol of Honour and power.

On 15th October 1910, he was awarded a interpretation of the World Heavyweight crown. He’d a wrestling career of further than 52 times and was undefeated throughout his career. He’s considered the topmost and most successful wrestler of all time.


 At age of 17, Gama Pehlwan challenged the also Indian wrestling champion Raheem Bakhsh Sultaniwala. He was also a Kashmiri Wrestler from Gujranwala, Punjab, social India, now Pakistan. People anticipated Raheem to win fluently over Gama Pehlwan but the only debit for Raheem was his age.

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