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Galaxy Fold: Galaxy Z Flip Review – Best Foldable Phone, Is It The Best Smartphone?


David Mudd

New versions of the same technology are always a way to flaunt among the people. This is what happens whenever a new piece of technology got released. Likewise, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is also released for that purpose. Surely, foldable phones can never be a replaceable device for normal smartphones.

Reckless use of a foldable phone can damage it easily. If you can spend a considerable amount of money. Then it is for you to stand alone in a group. The new foldable phones are disappointing at best. This includes Samsung’s Z flip along with Huawei Mate X and Moto Razr.

Galaxy Z Flip

Buying Foldable Problems With Money

The best and worst thing with these foldable phones are they just fold. It is not the fault of any company. They did their best to make it perfect. So far, the Galaxy Z flip is the best among all foldable. However, it shows the saturation in the technology of smartphone development.

Most of the people reviewed the Galaxy Flip commenting it as one of the ugliest smartphones they have seen. It is nothing like as shown in the pictures when it comes into hands. Besides, it is thicker and wider if it is folded.

Folding phones were the trend in older times. Those were the times when people used phones to make calls and send text messages. Multimedia was a big word for those phones and they did precious little in their folded form factors. Now the generations changed together with changes in the needs.

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Galaxy Z Flip

More Into Galaxy Z Flip

The Galaxy Z Flip is slippery with its glass material surface. Nothing can be done when it is in its folded form. It has a small display near the camera. Although, its nothing more than a peripheral feature. You can use the camera in selfie mode using the tiny display. Some other swiping is allowed but, there is not much use with that small screen. Many applications can shift into half size in its folded form.

Above all, it is a device like any other foldable phones that can be used for using it. But in overall it beats Motorola Razr. It has a better camera and a better screen along with the same battery. It is a cool factor like any other foldable.