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Gabriel Iglesias is a U.S actor, funnyman, voice actor, patron, and pen. numerous know him as ethereal, and he’s popular for his megahit shows I am Not Fat, I am ethereal, and Hot & Fluffy. Mr Iglesias’ stage- up comedy blends characters, liar, parodies, and sound effect to communicate his particular life gests.

The actor is also notorious for his unique Hawaiian shirts and funny jokes regarding his Hispanic heritage and weight. What most suckers do not know about is the identity of Gabriel Iglesias‘ woman  and whether he’s married.

 Gabriel’s unique comedy style has earned him inconceivable fashionability, and his addict base cuts across cult of different periods and backgrounds.

Presently, the tubby funnyman has joined the league of America’s most successful stage- up jesters. Hector Saldaña, one of the editors at San Antonio Express- News, called him the” comedy genius.” He’s also among the most viewed YouTube stand- up jesters.

Besides his stage- up comedy excellence, the star has had multitudinous voice gigs in some of the most successful flicks. These include The Book of Life, The Nut Job, and Norm of the North.

gabriel iglesias wife

Who’s Gabriel Iglesias’ Woman?

Utmost suckers generally ask,” is Gabriel Iglesias married?” Well, the funnyman is presently a bachelorette and has noway been married.

Considering how discreet he’s with his particular life, not much is known about his current relationship status. The funnyman has been in a long- term relationship until the summer of 2020 when he broke up with Claudia Valdez, his long- term gal.

Since also, the popular comedian has not been linked to any lady or blazoned whether he’s presently seeing someone. Some reports claim that he has a gal that he prefers to keep down from public light, while others claim that he has been single since mid-2020. According to him, he wanted to concentrate more on his career and tykes .

gabriel iglesias wife

Who’s Iglesias’ex-Girlfriend Claudia Valdez?

 Iglesias’ex-girlfriend Claudia Valdez isn’t new in the entertainment scene. Claudia is an American- born patron and actress.

She appeared in the wisdom fabrication horror film Monsters by Gareth Edwards as a motherliness ward nanny . Claudia began her career as a patron in 2013 and has worked on a wide range of Mexican flicks like Inframundo, Gajes Del Oficio, Monstruo, and Inertia.

Claudia has also been a product fellow in flicks like The Legend of Zoro, beauty and the Beast, On The Road, La Zona, and The Matador. Her excellence and gift have earned her several accolades.

She has bagged the American Country Award, Nickelodeon’s Annual kiddies’ Choice Award, and 2014’s tableware Ariel Award for the Stylish Short fabrication Film.

 The brace was first spotted hanging out in public in January 2008 while attending a charity event called A Wish for Animal Benefit. Since also, the two had been staying together in California’s jocular community.

Especially, Claudia isn’t on social media and manages to keep a low profile. still, she’s the first to appear when one searches the web for Gabriel Iglesias’ woman filmland.

gabriel iglesias wife

The two went separate ways after being in a relationship for nearly 12 times. The reason for the bifurcation is still unknown. still, the imitator admitted that he plodded with drunkenness and depression in 2020. The problem took a risk on him and his family. Though they broke up, Gabriel is reportedly handling his fatherly places responsibly.

Who’s Gabriel and Claudia’s Son?

 Mr Iglesias has no natural kiddies, but he’s a minding father to Frankie, Claudia’s son from a former relationship. The 45- time-old reportedly espoused the lad and has been minding for him ever ago. Frankie’s birthday was in December 1997.

 Before the bifurcation, people knew Claudia and Frankie to be Gabriel Iglesias’ woman and son, independently.

Though he separated from his partner, Gabriel still shares a strong bond. The youthful man is now about 24 times old. He’s close to his espoused pater , and the funnyman reportedly takes care of Frankie as his own.

 Though the brace spent some time together, Claudia Valdez wasn’t Gabriel Iglesias’ woman .

The Top Funnyman Is Presently Single.

 Despite his career success and hype, not much is known about his particular affairs or love life. In other news, Tuko.co.ke lately bared what happed to Rebecca McBrain, theex-girlfriend of the late Paul Walker. The retired servicewoman and academy schoolteacher is also the mama to the late actor’s son, Meadow Rain perambulator.

 Rebecca had an on and off relationship with Paul, but she parted ways with him long before his early death. After his death, she fought her son’s guardianship and indeed enrolled in a recovery program to be allowed by the courts to have her. Eventually, she succeeded and presently stays with her son in California.

gabriel iglesias wife

“ An Occasional Spanking or Two?”

” Spanking is light. No, my mama had a belt! She had a nail that she put in the kitchen in the wall and also she’d hang the belt on the nail. And she would go, you know,’ I am your mama , and that is your pater. You let me know when you wan na talk to him.’ And I am like,’ Okay.'”

 Indeed as a grade academy sprat, youthful Gabriel was a burlesque comedy addict. Eddie Murphy’s musicale film” Raw” was his fave.” My mama was gon na be gone for a couple of hours and so I got a couple of hours’ worth of tapes and that is what kept me entertained while she was gone.

“‘ Eddie Murphy Raw’ is what I saw and what inspired me to want to do comedy. Coming thing I know, I did a academy gift show, and the rest is history.”


 American funnyman and actor Gabriel Jess Iglesias, more known by his stage name ethereal. A series of stage- up specials, including I ’m Not Fat I ’m ethereal and Hot & ethereal, have been produced by him for networks including Comedy Central and streaming services like Netflix.

He has starred in the Netflix comedy series Mr. Iglesias, appeared as Tobias in the first Magic Mike film( 2012) and its effect( 2015), and raised Speedy Gonzales in the animated film Space Jam A New Legacy.

On Comedy Central he hosted the show Stand Up Revolution, while on Fuse he hosted Fluffy’s Food Adventures. Iglesias was one of the world’s highest- paid jesters in 2018.

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