Fruit Basket Prelude Release Date: Premiere Date (US), Trailer, Earnings And Watch!


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If you’ve been holding out for it, let’s talk about when the online version of Fruits Basket: Prelude will be available. The Fruits Basket manga series by Natsuki Takaya served as the basis for the animated drama romance film Fruits Basket: Prelude, which was produced in Japan.

The information was divulged towards the end of the thirteenth episode of the third season, and the broadcast was slated to take place in 2022.

The Honda family is the focal point of the film’s narrative. And after that, there was an episode of the anime series that was a recap told by Kyo, and then there was a brand-new animation story about Tohru and Kyo that took place after the series.

The film was initially shown for the first time in Japanese theatres on February 18th, 2022. Although it has already been shown in cinemas, how about putting it out there on streaming services?

Fruit Basket Prelude Where to Watch

Fruit Basket Prelude Release Date

After the successful debut in the theatre, viewers are now looking forward to the show’s release in other countries and, for the most part, online. Since the movie didn’t come out in Japan until the 18th of February 2022, it was only shown in theatres at that time.

In addition, neither the streaming service nor the filmmakers have provided a date for when this movie will be available to watch online.

Even though there are no present plans for distribution in the United States, it is highly likely that Funimation, the company that handled the distribution of the Fruits Basket television anime, will also handle the movie’s release in the United States.

We are now waiting for formal confirmation on the date when this next movie will be available to stream online.

Fruit Basket Prelude Trailer

This teaser will surely spark your attention, especially if you are looking forward to seeing the movie when it is finally released in your area. There will definitely be a lot of crying and other intense feelings during the event.

It is imperative that you start watching the Fruit Basket series right away if you haven’t already. The name of a well-known game played in Japanese primary schools, which is brought up in one of the episodes of the series, served as the inspiration for the title of the series.

How Much Revenue Earned By Fruits Basket Prelude In Japan?

The animated special film Fruits Basket: Prelude was shown for the first time in Japanese theatres on February 18th. In addition, it will be available on Blu-ray in the theatres where it will have its debut.

And in spite of the fact that the story is only exhibited on 25 screens across the entirety of Japan, it has done rather well for itself. Can you imagine? We do not believe that it should come as a surprise.

Fruit Basket Prelude Release Date

The omnibus movie, which includes new narratives about Tohru’s parents and her life with Kyo following the events of the Fruits Basket TV anime, made more than 33 million yen (US$287,000) in its first two days of release, with 20,000 tickets being sold. The movie also includes new narratives about Tohru’s life with Kyo after the events of the Fruits Basket TV anime.

The movie will be shown in Japanese cinemas all throughout the week, despite the fact that it was only shown in 25 theatres when it was first released. To find out how well the movie is received by audiences, we still have one whole week to wait.

Let us now complete our chat. If there is any news regarding the release of the movie in the United States or any other location, our readers will be the first to know.

It may take some time before the news is made because the movie was only recently made available in Japan. Nevertheless, we will keep you updated. You may stay up to date with us in the interim by viewing a selection of other fascinating anime.

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