Who Is Froy Gutierrez Dating? Froy Gutierrez Meeting Richard Madden


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There are sparking rumors that is actor Froy Gutierrez dating Richard Madden. They have been spending a lot of time with each other. The pair were first seen walking together in the Hampstead Heath area of London in April 2020. Later attended a Black Lives Matter protest in Los Angeles. In September of the same year, they were spotted holding shopping bags while taking a walk in London’s Primrose Hill neighborhood.

Who Is Froy Gutierrez Dating?

Richard Madden and Froy Gutierrez were rumored to have spent a lot of time together during the lockdown. They were trapped at a house owned by Emilia Clarke(who is quite rich), who also acted in Game of Thrones alongside Richard.

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Despite their frequent appearances together and dating rumors, neither of them has confirmed or denied their relationship or s*xuality. It is critical to respect their privacy and avoid making assumptions until they choose to address the issue themselves.

Froy Gutierrez Meeting Richard Madden

On a Sunday afternoon, Richard Madden and Froy Gutierrez were seen heading for a picnic at Hampstead Heath in London. The 34-year-old actor, known for his role in “Bodyguard,” and the 22-year-old “Teen Wolf” star were spotted carrying Marks and Spencer’s bags as they walked through the village. Richard was dressed in a casual look, wearing a grey jumper and a cozy padded jacket.

froy gutierrez dating

His hair seemed to be freshly dyed a dark brown, for his new role in the Amazon Prime series Citadel. Froy wore a forest green jumper, black jeans, and walking boots, layered with a black padded jacket. Although the two were seen together, there is no confirmation or denial of their relationship or s*xual orientation. The duo appeared to be in good spirits, laughing and chatting as they walked along.

Is Froy Gutierrez Gay?

Some of Froy Gutierrez’s admirers suspected he was gay based on his Snapchat and Twitter accounts. But there wasn’t enough real proof to back up the theory. However, it was reported in September 2020 that Froy was in London with Scottish actor Richard Madden.

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Madden previously shared a home with Brandon Flynn. Flynn has been upfront about his s*xual orientation. Though it’s only a guess that Froy is gay. There is no official evidence confirming Froy Gutierrez’s s*xuality.

Career Graph Of Froy Gutierrez

Froy Gutierrez appeared in the final season of Teen Wolf and the first season of One Day at a Time in 2017 which got canceled later. Froy Gutierrez was one of the two narrators for the audiobook editions of the 2018 LGBT romantic comedy “What If It’s Us” and its sequel “Here’s To Us,” which was released in 2022.

froy gutierrez dating

He was an actor in the second season of Hulu’s television series “Light as a Feather” in 2019. Froy co-starred in Freeform’s teen drama “Cruel Summer(whose season 2 is awaited) ” in 2021.  In 2019, he released his first single, “Fix Me.”

More About Froy Gutierrez

Froy Gutierrez was born on April 27, 1998, in Dallas, Texas. He began his acting career in 2016 with a role in the television series Bella and the Bulldogs. He is of Mexican heritage and has worked as a model for well-known companies such as Calvin Klein, H&M, and Abercrombie & Fitch. Froy is a talented vocalist who has released original music on his YouTube page in addition to acting and modeling.

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