From Geek to Chic: How Mikhail Andersson is Redefining Style Standards!


Saloni Singh

As of late, there has been a sensational change in the perception of tattoos as per Mikhail Andersson.

Where once they were viewed as no or inappropriate, tattoos are currently more broadly acknowledged in the public eye. VIPs and influencers who gladly display their ink and embrace body craftsmanship have rolled out this social improvement conceivable.

The Changing Stigmatization of Tattoos!

The stigmatization of tattoos has likewise been reduced because of the rise in notoriety of professional tattoo studios that offer protected and clean types of assistance for clients. These tattoo parlors have done a lot to legitimize this historically misunderstood type of body modification and make it more open for those looking to communicate their thoughts with workmanship.

Essentially, progressions in innovation and materials used in the tattoo cycle have opened up a universe of potential outcomes while creating exceptional plans custom-made to any individual’s cravings.

According to tattoo sensation Mikhail Andersson, the negative stigma that tattoos once had has gone away.

About Mikhail Andersson!

Andersson, a Russian settler who has been in the tattoo industry since 2008, has a deeply grounded business in New York – Five star Tattoo, which he opened in 2016.He procured a name for himself in the tattoo industry, to the point where he utilizes a group of tattoo artists who work nonstop to make one-of-a-kind pieces for clients who travel from everywhere the US.

Mikhail Andersson on The Changing Stigma and Style

Today, he plans tattoos for individuals from varying backgrounds, including top of the line customer base, financiers, stock intermediaries, and so on. In any case, the industry hasn’t forever been so free.

“At the point when I previously moved to New York, individuals would inquire as to whether I had been in prison, on the off chance that I sold drugs… Random questions like that basically because I had tattoos,” he explains.

Tattoos in the Mainstream!

He says the Television program Miami Ink (first broadcasted in 2005) carried tattoos into the mainstream and saw the plan of parlors begin to change to focus on a more extensive crowd (beyond bikers, military, and musicians).And all the more as of late, he says, “Instagram likewise changed the landscape from something underground to a brilliant age”.

Besides the fact that tattoos become more have commonplace among professionals, yet the accessible plans are quickly changing to engage this more prominent crowd.

Watercolor Tattoo Workmanship!

Mikhail Andersson is one of few tattoo artists who have some expertise in watercolor tattoo craftsmanship, which is styled to copy the imaginative types of a brush. Delicate tones, a theoretical style, and striking situation of components are brand names of watercolor tattoos, while brushstrokes can be combined with other outlining types.

In spite of the fact that watercolor tattooing has been around for some time, the present artists have admittance to fundamentally prevalent ink, machines, and methods, and that implies they will endure longer and look better.

Mikhail Andersson on The Changing Stigma and Style

3D Shape Tattoos!

Mikhail Andersson is likewise famous as an expert of 3D shape tattoos that proposition amazing profundity and hypervivid colors. He spends significant time in theoretical plans, variety realism, neo-traditional, Japanese traditional, garbage polka, and highly contrasting plans.

He expresses that while his love of workmanship started during his school years, it was in the wake of finishing school that he saw his most memorable tattoo sleeve – it enraptured his attention and drove him on the way he lives on today.

“It hypnotized me when I saw a flowing, dynamic, and lively sleeve of tattoos on someone’s arm,” he says. This drove him to begin designing for his tattoo artist companions, before in the long run starting work in the industry himself.

Becoming a Business Proprietor!

Mikhail Andersson immediately moved from working for other business proprietors to becoming a business proprietor with many cheerful, bring clients back.

His customer base includes The Dolan Twins, Jason Saltzman (organizer behind Back street), Anwar Hadid, Tank Sinatra (George Resh), and Marc Rzatkowski from the New York Red Bulls, to give some examples.

Mikhail Andersson’s distinctive sketching style indicates that he knows quite a bit about doing work manually, which separates him from carefully trained artists. In addition, he says his love for the human body assists him with being imaginative and configuration stunning pictures.

“At the point when you draw on a material, it is only a square. You can fabricate a composition in view of that square; in the event that you mess up, you can delete it and layer it up,” Mikhail Andersson points out.

“The body is a powerful structure regardless of where you look. The legs are not level material pieces – they are muscles, designs, and shapes. As a tattoo artist, you should accept something so delicate and precise and not mess it up. You want the expertise to put it accurately and to ensure something will supplement the body.

Mikhail Andersson on The Changing Stigma and Style

“And while you’re putting dynamic craftsmanship on someone’s body, it’s permanent so it should be amazing.”

Tattoos Have Forever Been Wearable Craftsmanship!

There was a period in not-really distant history while having a tattoo, or even some of the time simply the talk of one was a reliable assurance against truly being extended to a legitimate employment opportunity.

Inked individuals were once unreasonably viewed as miscreants, upsetting characters, and residents with a bad reputation, even criminals to be generally castigated for bearing ‘the imprint.’

What society refused for such a long time to acknowledge about tattoos is what Mikhail Andersson has spent his career proving: tattoos are and have forever been wearable workmanship.

Mikhail Andersson has accomplished significantly more than this reality’s finished, demonstrated theorem. He has raised tattooing to the level of any traditional painting one could find within the walls of any organized display on the planet.

Mikhail Andersson flaunts a foundation in visual computerization that has assisted him with honing his consistent way with shapes, composition, and variety.

He demonstrated the mastery and discipline to independent in the pre-internet landscape when tasks were only to be unearthed through the concerted trawling of a not very many random sites and discussions that presented such positions on people in general.

With an early gig doing designs for a companion’s logistics organization affording him an agreeable career start, Mikhail Andersson was not initially planning or expecting to segue into skin craftsmanship.

An episode of disease that unexpectedly handed him a contemplative month in the medical clinic and a little gathering of tattoo artist companions he had met not long before that period combine in his convalescing mind during this time as an entryway to the artistic liberty he pined for.

Mikhail Andersson on The Changing Stigma and Style


Taking a jump of impassioned confidence prodded on by an unshakeable drive to gain proficiency with an art that fascinated him however in which he had zero related knowledge, Mikhail Andersson hurled himself entirely into volunteering to clear and assist around tattoo studios in return for being permitted to effectively notice, learn, and concentrate on what the artists there could impart to him.

It demonstrated both an informative and severe time for him in equivalent measure. “I went for quite a while without money,” he shares. “I was really down and out.

I needed to rest on a pneumatic bed and eat only canned fish with bread because when you student in tattoos, you won’t bring in any money on the off chance that you don’t have clients. In any case, my mind was focused, and I needed to make it happen.”

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