French Kiss Movie Plot, Cast, Review and Much More


Aditi Narendra

I may not be the only one who finds Kevin Kline’s portrayal of a Frenchman in “French Kiss” to be convincing. Few French actors, as well as likely few French men, would be interested in Meg Ryan’s portrayal of a neurotic lady who has been dumped by her fiance in favor of a French “goddess,” which is portrayed by Ryan in the film.

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Despite having an adult appearance, the characters in this film have juvenile minds. Have all the information ready here in this article

Release Date of French Kiss Movie

On May 5, 1995, French Kiss was made available to the public in the United States. Reviewer Mick LaSalle stated in his article for the San Francisco Chronicle that filmmaker Lawrence Kasdan “takes what might have been a poofy comedy with lots of storyline problems and picturesque scenery and rather than puts his concentrate on the crucial things: on the characters played by Ryan and Kline and how they occur to be feeling.” Kasdan’s sense of subtle humor was also praised by LaSalle:

Cast of French Kiss Movie

  • Meg Ryan as Kate
  • Kevin Kline as Luc Teyssier
  • Timothy Hutton as Charlie Lytton
  • Jean Reno as Inspector Jean-Paul Cardon
  • François Cluzet as Bob
  • Susan Anbeh as Juliette
  • Marie-Christine Adam as Juliette’s mother
  • Jean-Paul Jaupart as Juliette’s father
  • Renee Humphrey as Lilly
  • Michael Riley as M. Campbell

Plot of French Kiss Movie

Charlie (Timothy Hutton) and Kate (Meg Ryan) are engaged, but he has second thoughts about getting hitched. He takes a plane to Paris to attend a medical conference. Kate is unable to go and she failed trauma school because to her extreme fear of flying. A few days later, Charlie contacts Kate and informs her that he will not be wedding her because he has found the woman of his dreams, in a sequence that is utterly unconvincing and poorly written.

French Kiss Movie

In order to get Charlie back, Kate boldly faces her worries and takes off for France. She meets Luc (Kevin Kline), a disheveled French jewel thief, on the plane. He puts a piece of jewelry in her suitcase and follows her across half of France to retrieve it. He uses the pretense of helping her get her ex back as an excuse, but naturally, they end up falling in love along the road, and we have to wait till they realize that.

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Ryan provides sass, openness, and charm. Some of the sequences are only made tolerable by Ryan and Kline’s magnetism, and the connection between Hutton and the goddess (Susan Anbeh) is all but unfathomable. No French woman with wealth, ancestry, top-tier model features, and long hair is particularly interested in getting married to an American doctor, particularly one who lacks communication.

More About French Kiss Movie

By removing her sweats and donning one of those French luxury outfits that resemble sexual gift wrapping, Ryan pulls off the classic transition scene to magnificent effect. Additionally, despite the fact that Kline’s word order is typically English, he manages to pass for French. The Kevin Kline Mustache Principle—which states that Kline always sports facial hair when portraying goofballs like this but shaves for serious roles—is further illustrated by the film. The purpose of the film is to mock different nationalities. We have a rude French hotel receptionist and a smug French policeman, and when Ryan has problems with her passport, she must deal with both Canadian and American officials.

French Kiss Movie

.I believe that all of those situations should have been developed a little more, but the film’s strong focus on romance caused director Lawrence Kasdan and writer Adam Brooks to restrain the supporting characters’ comic freedoms. The deeper causes are still present. Both Kline’s Frenchman and Ryan’s heroine fail to persuade us that they ever truly loved their finances. Kline’s Frenchman is perhaps not worldly enough. Hutton and Anbeh play thankless roles; once the action is in France, their main goal is to catch Ryan’s eye from a distance. A film about this subject should either focus on individuals who have a genuine passion for the subject matter or commit to becoming a comedy. Compromise serves no use.

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Kline can’t quite achieve the particularly French charm that distinguishes shaggy from scuzzy, but Hutton stands out in the film even if it’s just for the flamboyant clothes he wears the entire time. All in all, French Kiss is definitely something you’ll like if you don’t like that chemically flavored, plastic-bagged, stale pink and purple goo that is sold off as cotton candy these days. But it needs to be better than this if I’m planning to indulge in the sweet stuff.

French Kiss Movie Final Verdict

The film was originally titled Paris Match, a play on the name of the famous French news magazine. However, the title had to be changed after Billy Crystal challenged it with the MPAA as being too close to that of his own Paris-set romantic comedy Forget Paris, released just two weeks later