Netflix Anime – 15 Best Sites to Stream Anime


David Mudd

Watching anime is too much fun. You know it only after watching it. I’ve been watching these anime shows from the last 3 years. Be it on Netflix, or Crunchyroll.

Although these are the best platforms to stream all the anime, there’s one major problem with them. All these video streaming platforms are paid.

What if you wanna stream anime shows for free? What are the options? Well, here they are as I’ve listed 15 sites to Watch Netflix anime for free. Let’s get straight to it –

1) 9anime

9anime is the 1st website to be included in this list of free Netflix anime sites. 9anime is quite a renowned anime streaming website for anime lovers. Even after numerous changes in the TLD, the anime website is still running without any issue.

With a darker UI, 9anime looks great in terms of visuals. Further, in terms of the offering, it allows you to watch your favorite anime from popular genres such as action, comedy, drama genres. All in all, anime at the 9anime website are divided into a total of 42 Genres. Isn’t this great.


  • Easy to access upcoming, ongoing, and most-watched anime on 9anime.
  • 9anime provides This site helps you to watch good movies, TV series, and OVA (Original Video Animation).
  • Filter out anime by season, year, quality, type & language.
  • Gives an option to request any anime. You can request anime you would like to watch.


  • Annoying Pop-up ads
  • No way to see a trailer.


2) Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is the 2nd site in this list of free Netflix anime sites. Although, you need an active premium Crunchyroll subscription to stream anime. You can do that by availing a 1-month free trial with a new Crunchyroll account. So, technically, that’s free, even it is for a month. Isn’t it?

Now, coming to the site, it has 5 menus at the top – Shows, Manga, News, Games & Premium. Further, at the top right corner, there’re 5 options – Login, Queue, Random & Search.

Apart from featured shows & news, there’s not much to see on the homepage of If at any point in time, you’re having doubts about what to watch, you can press the Random option at the top right corner. Now, you’ll have random anime to watch.

Netflix Anime Site
Netflix Anime Site


  • Offers anime on demand.
  • Gives you an option to review any anime.
  • Social media sharing enabled.
  • Crunchyroll supports English, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and more languages.


  • Once the trial period is over, you need to pay a subscription fee to resume watching anime.
  • Expensive pricing.
  • No yearly plan for the FAN subscription plan.


3) My Anime List

My Anime List is the 3rd website in this list of free Netflix anime sites. Out of all the anime sites I’ve mentioned in this post, Myanimelist is a compact website. It offers quite a lot of stuff on its homepage.

For starters, My anime list has 7 menus at the top section – Anime, Manga, Community, Industry, Watch Read & Help. Further anime is divided into 7 sub-menus, Manga in 6, Community in 5, Industry in 4, Watch in 2, Read in 1 & help in 7 sub-menus.

Below that My anime list has 8 separate sections –

  • Summer 2020 anime with a manual slider.
  • Latest Updated Episode Videos.
  • Most Popular Promotional Videos.
  • Anime & Manga News.
  • Recent anime discussions.
  • Featured articles.
  • Latest anime reviews.
  • Latest anime recommendations

That’s not it. Myanimelist provides 3 widgets on the right-hand side of the homepage –

  • Top Airing Anime
  • Top Upcoming Anime
  • Most popular anime

Based on the user interest, my anime list regularly updates these 3 widgets. Although this site allows you to stream your favorite anime & manga for free, it has ads on their site which you can remove by opting for either a monthly plan ($2.99) or an Annual Plan ($29.99). With the yearly plan, you get 2 additional months. So, if find ads on Myanimelist to be annoying, you can always opt to remove ads.


  • MyAnimeList notifies of upcoming movies in advance.
  • Provides all the latest anime & manga news.
  • You can join anime & manga forums, clubs, Discord chat to stay connected with other die-hard fans.


  • Boring User Interface.
  • Issues in the default video player.


4) Kissanime is the 4th website in this list of free Netflix anime sites. Just like 9anime, kissanime is yet another site that’s been famous among anime lovers. Because of illegal content on their site, it’s blocked by at ISP level in most countries.

However, in its response, Kissanime regularly updates its TLD. You can think of it like Tom & Jerry, If ISP’S find an illegal site, they instantly block them. However, before that kissanime outsmarts them by changing their TLD. In terms of Pros, it doesn’t have many but in the search option, you can perform an advance search.

Apart from this, the homepage lists the latest updates to all the English Subbed anime.


  • Offers completed & On-Air shows for free.
  • Allows you to request any particular anime show.
  • It provides categories like action, comedy, dub, adventure, and more.


  • Nerve-wracking security check.
  • Too many annoying ads.
  • Most of the available video players not working.


5) Anime Take

Anime Take is a 5th alternative site to watch Netflix anime for free. With a simpler design, Anime Take displays the combination of Black-White colors. At the top, there’re 4 menus – Home, Animelist, Favorites & Random.

Here, animalist provides a list of anime from (A-Z) available on the site. Further, this list can be sorted in popularity, Genre, & movies. The 3rd option allows you to save your favorite anime on the site. This feature can also be used to save an anime & watch it later.

Below the top menu, you get updates on the recently added episodes. Along with it, there are 2 widgets at the right-hand side – Upcoming & Ongoing Anime.

In order to stay updated with any new addition, make sure to follow these 2 widgets.


  • Notifies you whenever there’s a new anime episode or movie.
  • Anime Take includes accurate subtitles.
  • Offers numerous categories, including action, adventure, comedy, and more.


  • Supports only the English Language.
  • Anime take does not provide any option to change the video quality.


6) Tubi TV

Tubi TV is the 6th addition in this list of free Netflix anime sites. Out of all the sites mentioned here, Tubi TV is quite different. For starters, the content available on Tubi TV isn’t illegal.

They provide content straight from Lionsgate, MGM & Paramount to their streaming platform. In return, they monetize the content using ads. With the collection of over 20,000 movies & TV Shows, Tubi TV is one of the largest on-demand video streaming sites.

Its usage is not limited to a web browser, you can enjoy a seamless experience with their Android & iOS smartphones. Now, in order to watch a movie or tv shows, go to the official site. At the top, there’s a Browse. Hover on it & you’ll 3 sections – Popular, Genres, & Collection.

Further, the popular section has 2 menus – Most Popular & Recently added. In the genre section, you get to choose movies & TV shows from 14 genres. Last but not lease the collection section. Here, you get to choose from 5 menus.


  • You can easily find your favorite anime shows.
  • Supports Android and iPhone devices.
  • Supports streaming without signing in.
  • Tubi TV frequently provides updates with the recently added clips & most popular anime.


  • No option to watch trailers of any anime.
  • Can’t save an anime without signing in.


7) Masterani is the 7th website in this list of free Netflix anime sites. Sleek user interface with a Dark theme, Masterani offers quite a user-friendly experience. On the top, there are 7 menus – Home, Genre, Movies, Series, A-Z List, Request, & Contact. Along with it, there’s a search box where you can search for any anime you want to find.

Further, the Genre menu is further divided into 15 Genres –

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Comedy,
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Family,
  • History
  • Horror
  • Music
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Science-Fiction
  • Thriller
  • War

Just below the top menu, there’s a social media panel consisting of Masterani’s 4 social media channel –

Discord, Facebook, Reddit & Instagram. Here, you can connect with the Masterani website owner admin & users. In case of any issues, you can directly ask for help from there.

Further, the homepage is divided into 2 sections – Updated TV Series & Latest Movies. Choose your favorite anime series and movies & start binge-watching them. In case you don’t want to visit Masterani again & again, there’s an option for you.

Go the bottom right corner & enter your name & email-id to subscribe for the daily newsletter from Masterani. Now, you’ll get all the latest updates related to Masterani free anime site directly into your inbox.


  • User-friendly UI.
  • The fastest anime streaming site.
  • No registration needed for its usage.
  • Allows you to give comments & ratings to anime.


  • Frequent on-screen pop-ups.
  • Issue with thumbnails.
  • Limited servers availability.


8) Anime Planet

Anime planet is the 8th website to be included in this list of free Netflix anime sites. This site is not limited to just watching an anime. On the homepage itself, the site claims to offer 45,000 legal, industry-supported Anime Episodes.

On the top menu, there are 4 menus – Anime, Manga, Characters, & Community. Here, the anime tab offers 5 sub-menus –

Anime Season Charts, Watch Anime Online, Anime Recommendations, Browse all anime & Top anime list. The manga tab too offers 5 sub-menus – Read Manga Online, Manga Recommendations, Browse all Manga, Light novel database & Top Manga list.

The 3rd menu Characters offers 3 sub-menus – Top Loved Characters, Top Hated Characters & Browse all characters. The 4th and final menu ‘Community’ offers 7 sub-menus – Forum, Anime Reviews, Manga Reviews, Custom lists, Challenges, Site News, & Discord Chat.

Right below that the homepage is further divided into 5 sections –

  • Popular anime this week
  • Popular manga this week
  • New anime recommendations
  • Summer 2020 anime
  • Newest manga recommendations.

Further, scroll through these sections to find your favorite anime or manga content on Anime-Planet.


  • Recommends anime based on your history at Anime-Planet.
  • Provides easy-to-browse service.
  • One-click away from getting a list of top anime.


  • Requires sign up for adding an episode or anime into the ‘Watch Later’ list.
  • No trailers available.


9) Animefrenzy

Animefrenzy is the 9th website in this list of free Netflix anime sites. The top section has a search box & 8 menus – Anime, Movies, Dubbed, Ongoing, popular, Schedule, Old Layout, and azMovie.

Here the Old Layout menu allows you to switch to older UI. If you didn’t like the newly released interface then you can use it to switch. Along with there’s a menu named azMovie.

This menu takes you to another website that’s associated with animefrenzy. offers you to watch all the latest movies and tv shows.

Now, coming back to anime frenzy, below the top menu there’s a slider that moves in upward & downward direction. Below that, there’s only 1 section which tells you about all the new episodes. Further, the right-side widget is divided into 2 categories – Popular Today & Ongoing Anime. Based on the user searches, both these categories get daily updates.


  • No problems in finding the most popular animated clips of all-time.
  • Watch all the latest anime without any hassle.
  • Apart from anime, you can watch the latest cartoons, movies & Tv shows at Anime Frenzy.


  • Pop-ads on the main streaming pages.
  • Anime not sorted out in categories.


10) Anime Lab

Anime Lab is the 10th addition to this list of free Netflix anime sites. It is the only website that offers its service to 6 Major platforms –

  • PlayStation Store
  • Samsung
  • iOS App Store
  • Telstra TV
  • Google Play Store
  • Xbox Store.

In terms of anime collection on the site, it includes the latest & most popular subbed and dubbed anime. Look-wise, Anime Lab is one of the best sites out there. To stream content on this site, 1st you need to create an account. Once done, choose a plan between – Basic & Premium. The basic plan is free but comes with some restrictions whereas the premium comes with some premium Pros.

Anime lab offers numerous options to play around the site. The header of the anime lab has 4 menus –

Shows Simulcasts, Movies & Genres. Further, each of these menus is divided into multiple submenus. In total, Anime lab offers anime & movies from 32 Genres.



  • Provides one of the best-looking user interfaces.
  • Provides vide-variety of anime genres.
  • Supports anime on 6 major platforms.


  • You can’t watch any anime without signing in with an account.
  • Not available in most followed anime countries.


11) Gogoanime is the 22nd anime site in this long list of free Netflix anime sites. With darker UI, Gogoanime offers 5 menus and a search bar at the top. These 5 menus are – Home, ANIME LIST, NEW SEASON, MOVIES, and POPULAR.

After this, the homepage is further divided into 3 sections. Here, the 1st section is a recent release where you can see all the recently release anime at Gogoanime. Along with it, you can switch this section with Dub to find all the recently released dubbed anime.

After this, the 2nd section provides ongoing updates to all the popular anime on gogoanime or in general. 3rd & final section shows a complete list of recently added series on Gogoanime. This last section adds 40 anime series at a time. Apart from the search section provides an advanced search option. Using this option, it becomes easier for you to sort all the anime based on day, week, or month.



  • Using this free anime site, you can watch an ongoing series with ease.
  • Offers genres like action, cars, horror, drama, game, kids, and more.
  • It allows you to watch recent releases, dub, and Chinese animation series.
  • You can request the video you are interested in.


  • Boring User Interface.
  • Too much irritating pop-up ads.


12) Chia-anime

Chia-anime is the 12th site in this list of free Netflix anime sites. I’ve been watching anime on these sites for quite some time. However, none of them looked as bad as Chia-anime. Even though the site has a darker UI, but when it comes to user experience, it’s the worst.

If you don’t believe me, go to the URL address of Chia-anime I’ve added below. You’ll see the ads everywhere. That’s not the issue why I’ve criticized this site so much.

I’ve got a perfectly fine internet to connect but still, images at the homepage will not load. In terms of anime & manga, it does offer a good amount of collection. From anime, anime movies to Manga, you’ll get everything you need in one place. If you’re unable to find your favorite anime or manga, I would recommend you to think of Chia-anime as your last resort.

Netflix Anime Site
Netflix Anime Site


  • Provides a variety of servers for streaming anime.
  • Provides separate categories for recent & most popular anime.
  • Seamless experience in watching your favorite anime.


  • Displays adult ads on their site.
  • Annoying pop-ups for distraction.


13) Side Reel

Side Reel is the 13th site in this list of free Netflix anime sites. It is one such site where you get everything. From all the latest English tv shows, anime, content calendar to the Top Shows of the month.

Side Reel’s header displays 5 menus – TV Shows, Calendars, Genres, Articles & My Tracker. Below the menu, the homepage is further divided into 3 categories –

  • Top Shows This Month
  • Best Comedy Shows
  • Top Drama Shows.

Along with these options, the site is solely user-centric as it allows users to request for particular tv shows, movies, or anime. Further, once you sign up at side reel, you can save the schedule of upcoming episodes & get a notification once it airs live.


  • Side Reel offers free anime shows.
  • Easier to search & find anime show based on their genre.
  • Alerts you whenever there’s a new episode.


  • It takes a long time to get a requested tv show, movie, or anime.
  • Fewer anime shows availability.


14) Soul Anime

Soul Anime is the 14th website on this list to watch free Netflix anime. In terms of looks, it’s nothing but pathetic. With the animated logo & blue-white color combination, the site looks third-class on the outside. And broken images at the homepage does not help either.

However, there’s a major reason why I’ve added this site on this list. It offers a countless number of anime on their site. Further, Soul Anime updates their database with new episodes on a daily basis.

For instance, I was waiting for the 9th episode of Deca Dence anime & you won’t believe me, it was the 1st site to update the anime on their site.

Now, when it comes down to Soul anime Pros, the header offers 5 menus – Home, Anime List, Anime Movies, Competed Anime & Random Anime. Right below that you can see all the latest episodes added on Soul Anime. The right side widget offers a search box to search your favorite anime, a chatroom to connect with fellow anime lovers & last but not least is a list of anime that is currently airing.

Netflix Anime Site
Netflix Anime Site


  • Offers a large list of anime.
  • Based on your interest, Soul-Anime recommends you the anime that you may like.
  • You get daily updates for all the recently added episodes.


  • The official site is not secure & looks shady in the first appearance.
  • Too many broken images on the site.


15) Anime heaven

Anime heaven is the 15th site in this collection of free Netflix anime sites. Unlike other sites posted here, Anime Heaven comes in 2 versions – New & Old.

The new version of Anime heaven looks quite basic. It provides a big search box to find your favorite anime. You can think of it as an in-built search engine for Anime Heaven. Below that search option, there’s an option to switch to the newer version of Anime Heaven.

Now, coming to the older version, the user interface is quite similar to Anime Frenzy. It’s the same anime site I had mentioned earlier. You get a search box & 8 menus at the top. These 8 menus are – Anime, Dubbed, Series, Movies, Ongoing, Popular, Schedule, & Random.

Below that there’s a slide show & a long list of the latest anime on the site. Unlike the newer anime heaven, the older site doesn’t provide an option to switch back to the alternate version.

Netflix Anime Site
Netflix Anime Site


  • Anime Heaven has a mobile-friendly.
  • No ads in-between videos.
  • It does not have any ads while playing any video.
  • Allows you to download anime using Google Drive.


  • It takes too long to get past the Security Check.
  • No option to download anime for offline viewing.


Final Words

These are the 15 best sites you can use to stream your favorite Netflix or any premium anime for free. Along with these sites description, I’ve listed all the positives & negatives. So, make sure to read them before proceeding with that particular site.

Remember, all these sites are in a 100% working state. However, if you still face any issue with these sites then do let me know in the comments section.

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