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Free and Transparent People Searches with TruthFinder LLC – No Hidden Fees or Paywalls


Although TruthFinder LLC is related to Intelius, US Search, and Instant Checkmate, we discovered that the TruthFinder website and app have their own distinct features. We enjoyed many things, but there were also some things that made us uncertain.

Features of TruthFinder App:

The quality of a service depends on the quality of its features. Let's find out what TruthFinder has offered:

Transparent Content

We really appreciate how honest TruthFinder is. A lot of online background check companies are known for having unclear information and tricky pricing methods. No, not this one.

The TruthFinder website and app not only talk about the technical details of the platform. They also assist guest users and members in understanding the boundaries they should not cross. This includes explaining common misuses of the service, such as using it for employee and tenant screening or credit verification.

Reverse Address, Phone & Email Lookup

This tool lets you generate a detailed report about a person even if you don't know their name. You can also find information about the people who have lived at a specific address.

You can use the reverse phone lookup service to find out who is calling you from an unknown number. The platform's people directories can also help you find the names of deleted contacts without having to ask them directly.

Do you have any messages from unknown email addresses in your inbox? TruthFinder will provide you with information about the person who sent them.

Depth Report Content

While TruthFinder may not have as many public records as other background check companies, its reports are still very good.

During our testing for this TruthFinder review, we were impressed by the accuracy and exhaustiveness of their service.

However, some users have mentioned in their reviews of TruthFinder that they find a large amount of data to be annoying. The platform tries to make up for not having specific TruthFinder background checks by including a lot of personal information in its reports. We think it would be great if the website could provide background checks for specific purposes and make it easy to download shorter reports.

Family Tree Building Software

TruthFinder is unique among our top background check companies because it has its own family tree software. This tool helps you create a visual diagram of your family's lineage that you can easily share with others. is different from other family tree markers because it does all the hard work for you. After you select your report, it will use public records in its databases to automatically generate a list of potential relatives for you to consider. Adding each suggestion to your family tree is very easy.

When using TruthFinder, you don't need to create a membership, provide an email, or give your credit card details. So, you can begin as a guest.

The only thing you need to do is to get your own report first. The platform might show multiple results, so you need to choose the one that matches your personal details the best.

Secure Data from Dark Web

When you become a member of TruthFinder, they will monitor your information on the dark web without any additional charges. The company has joined forces with Experian, giving it an advantage over other background check companies.

This service is called personalized cyber risk intelligence. It notifies you whenever TruthFinder finds your personal information on the dark web.

TruthFinder LLC will notify you if there is a breach of your personal information, such as your Social Security number, contact information, email addresses, social media accounts, driver's license, and other public records.

How well does TruthFinder perform in this regard? The company frequently searches the dark web and examines many pieces of information. By using this method, it can find concerning signs of your personal information on various online platforms such as web servers, forums, chatrooms, bulletin boards, file-sharing networks, and social media. It can also detect suspicious activities and places on the internet. Based on our assessment and the majority of TruthFinder reviews, it performs well.


Infomania is a collection of interesting content that aims to provide information about public information and background checking. It continues to grow over time.

Infomania is a tool that can assist you in maximizing your use of TruthFinder. The platform provides helpful tips for conducting a legitimate background check and finding information about people. These tips can assist you in using the platform effectively.

Support and Member Care

TruthFinder has a department called member care that helps users with any concerns they may have. You can reach them by calling their toll-free hotline at (855) 921-3711. They are available from 7 AM to 7 PM PST, Monday through Friday. If you need to contact TruthFinder outside of their regular office hours (which may change during holidays), you can send them an email at

Many TruthFinder reviews often mention the absence of round-the-clock customer support as a common topic of discussion. It's definitely not one of the platform's strengths.

How Does the Truthfinder Program Operate?

When you use TruthFinder, you can quickly find basic information about the person you're searching for. If you want to view someone's report, you will need to subscribe to a membership plan. Additionally, a paywall does not prevent you from accessing the results of basic searches.

  • Finding family members: Are you attempting to find a relative you haven't seen in a long time? Would you like to get in touch with your siblings who are currently unreachable? is a helpful resource. You have the option to search by name, place of residence, phone number, or email address. You can find practically anyone with so many lookup options available.
  • Reconnecting with old friends: This platform can assist you in rebuilding relationships with friends you have lost touch with. Organizing class reunions can also benefit from this feature.
  • Finding information about potential dates: Let's face it, we all enjoy having some background information about someone we're interested in romantically. To avoid finding out about a terrible criminal history when it's too late, take action now by using the platform.
  • When considering a new roommate, it's important to conduct a background check to gather as much information as possible about the person you'll be living with. By using TruthFinder, you can easily access public arrest records, sex offender registries, weapons permits, and other related information.
  • If you want to check what information about you is available online, you can use TruthFinder. It shows you what others might see when they search for your report on the platform. In addition to records that are available to the public, TruthFinder has the ability to locate personal blogs, social media accounts, and dating profiles that may have been forgotten.
  • TruthFinder is a great tool for verifying the identity of online sellers and buyers. If you're selling things online or buying from individuals, using a platform can help you stay safe from scams and other crimes.

Easy to Use

  • It is quite simple to do a background check online. Simply enter the data you have in the fields that are provided.
  • You may do a search immediately since the TruthFinder search bar literally follows you across the website.
  • The TruthFinder website is responsive to mobile devices. This implies that if you decide to do a search while away from your computer, the user experience won't suffer.
  • If the platform's restrictions make your search subject difficult to locate, you may easily visit Infomania to learn a solid approach to eventually find the proper report.
  • When we tested the website for our TruthFinder review, we encountered no issues.

TruthFinder Cost Pricing

TruthFinder offers a pricing model that includes both free and premium options. If you would like to have access to premium data, the company offers different plans for you to choose from.

  • Reverse Phone Number Lookup Membership – $4.99/month
  • 1-Month Membership – $27.78/month
  • 2-Month Membership – $23.02/month


Is legit or Not?

Yes, it is. Some TruthFinder reviews that claim it's a scam may be exaggerating or not completely objective. The company is not perfect and might occasionally forget to include a criminal record in the report. However, it strives to ensure that its members are well-informed in order to make better decisions.

Is It Legal to Use Truthfinder?

It is lawful to use Truthfinder to access the public records of others. The data on the website, however, cannot be utilized for tenant screening, employment, credit, or other similar purposes.

Is Truthfinder Free?

The company provides free and straightforward people searches without any hidden fees or tricks. You can obtain names, ages, locations, and potential connections.

TruthFinder LLC will not tease you. You can't search for someone and then be stopped by a paywall before seeing the results. The company's freebies are not a trick.

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