Freakish Season 3: Release Date: Cancelled or Renewed?


David Mudd

Freakish Season 3: After devouring all ten Season 2 scenes of Hulu’s high schooler horror show Freakish. Fans of the show are left with just one question: Will there be a Freakish Season 3?

Young horror shows have recently become popular. Freakish is one of those shows that wonderfully embodies the essence of a teen horror show. Fans are wondering if Freakish Season 3 will be resurrected. The show, which airs on Hulu and features several social media stars among its cast. It further follows a group of high school students. These were trapped inside their school after a nearby chemical explosion. However it also turns humans into monstrous mutated creatures. It was created by Beth Szymkowski. A group of diverse high school students. As they fight to survive against a horde of freaks (monstrosities, zombies). This zombie takes control of their town following a synthetic plant explosion.

Season 1 of ‘Freakish’ premiered on October 10, 2016. Despite negative reviews from reviewers who attacked it for its unoriginal tone and themes. It left a lasting effect among young audiences. On the other hand, Hulu renewed the show for a second season. It aired on October 18, 2017, and was well-received by the show’s adolescent audience. If you’re one of those fans. You’re probably wondering if there will be a third season of ‘Freakish.’

Freakish Season 3

The class bowing arrangement takes place inside Kent High School as our gathering of legends unite. As one to stay alive while facing a flood of human and heavenly foes. Taking elements from The Walking Dead. Sensational transitioning beats from Dawson’s Creek. Further adding a large group of YouTube stars in with the general mishmash. The class bowing arrangement takes place inside Kent High School as our gathering of legends. They unite as one to stay alive while facing a flood of the human and heavenly foe.

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Season 2 stars Leo Howard, Liza Koshy, Adam Hicks, Tyler Chase, and Meghan Rienks. It further continues to put our heroes in peril as they combat anomalies. And encounter another group of perplexing survivors. Would they be able to put their trust in them? Do they know what they’re going to do? As the enthralling season progresses, the dangers increase. And also the dramatization increases.

What Is the Premise of the Freakish Series?

The show is set at a fictional high school called Kent. On Saturday, the show’s cataclysmic events begin. Some students reported to the school for detention on Saturday. At the same time, others left for other activities. Such as basketball practice, debate preparation, music practice, and so on.

However, as the bell rang, signifying confinement and evacuation exercises. This otherwise routine Saturday became unfathomable. Extensive chemical facilities are ubiquitous in cities. Therefore some followed the call while others did not. When the students who heard the warning and took refuge in a safe location returned to school. They discovered that their city had been utterly devastated by the chemical explosion.

The villagers not only died. But they also changed into predators of zombie-like monsters known as “freaks”. With nowhere to flee and nowhere to hide. The survivors are forced to take refuge in the now-dark and eerie school building. Where they must battle to stay alive while the apocalypse unfolds outside. As the play unfolds, a new group of survivors arrives at the school. They further complicate the battle for life due to tensions between the groups and a scarcity of resources.

‘Freakish,’ a teen horror thriller, is equal parts zombie survival show and adolescent soap opera. It features all of the characteristics of a teen soap opera. Such as love relationships, high school rivalries, strategic alliances, clique battles, and so on. All of which contribute to further complicating the already challenging task. The task was of living and surviving the zombie apocalypse. The program is packed with teen drama and numerous survival problems. However, if you’re not into low-budget zombie programs or teen dramas. ‘Freakish’ might not be for you.

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Reviewers have panned the program for its lack of creativity and temperament. But we don’t know how critics feel in general. Because no critical reviews have been collected on sites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. We know that the show is mediocrely popular with fans. With a 6.6/10 average rating on IMDb. This is logical, given that young zombie survival programs are unlikely to appeal to or delight people of all ages.

Freakish Season 3

Cast: Freakish Season 3

The cast of ‘Freakish’ is primarily young and inexperienced. However, they are well-known enough to have the followings. We may anticipate the former cast to return if Season 3 is renewed. Several well-known social media stars. And celebrities starred as prominent characters in the drama. Martial artist Leo Howard stars as Grover Jones. She is a student who survives detention to be with his lover, Violet Adams. Violet, Leo’s crush. She is held hostage due to her lack of tolerance and inclination to assault. The character is played by YouTuber Liza Koshy.

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Diesel Turner, played by Adam Hicks, was a school bully who was also arrested for bullying juniors. Natalie Callaway is played by Aislinn Paul. Zoe Parker is played by Meghan Rienks. Lashawn Deveraux is played by Melvin Gregg. Barrett McIntyre is played by Tyler Chase. Noodle Nelson is played by Hayes Grier. Sadie is played by Niki DeMartino. Anka Keller is played by Saxon Sharbino, and Zane Hiatt is played by Jordan Calloway.

Apart from the main cast, ‘Freakish’ contains numerous recurrent cast members who play smaller character parts and appear in the program on an episodic or short-term basis.

Freakish Season 3

Release Date

Season 2 of ‘Freakish’ began on October 18, 2017. However, no official comments about the show’s future have been made since then. However, multiple newspapers claimed in July 2018 that Hulu had canceled the show. It is not surprising, considering its lack of mainstream appeal and dismal critical ratings. So, if you’re searching for an adolescent drama set in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Go elsewhere since ‘Freakish’ is unlikely to return for Season 3.


Based on Seasons 1 and 2, the series has a 6.6 rating on IMDB. One of the main reasons why Hulu hasn’t spoken on the program for the third episode of Freakish. It is because of the poor numbers. They haven’t said anything specific about the dissolution yet. Explicit cancellation, according to the TV Series Finale, is the reason I’m still optimistic for Season 3! I’ll continue to update this section as I receive more information, so stay tuned!!

That’s all there is to it! Do you have any thoughts about Freakish Season 3 that are rattling around in your head? If that’s the case, leave a comment with your questions, and I’ll respond right away!!!

Also, please share any other helpful input with me! Your small efforts will assist me in expanding my horizons. “It’s just that I’m a natural at reading people.” Everyone wants something from my family. Therefore I rely on my instincts to keep me alive.” There are no new seasons or trailers to look forward to since Hulu canceled ‘Freakish.’ However, here is the Season 2 teaser to offer you a sneak peek at the show’s second season.