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The Wife of Francisco Lindor, Katia Reguero Inserni!

There is always one person cheering for every athlete who does well. Katia Reguero Inserni, who is very beautiful, is Francisco Lindor girlfriend or wife. She is his partner and plays shortstop for the New York Mets.

Francisco Lindor is a rising star in MLB who is better known as “Mr. Smile.” His successful career and easygoing personality have made him a major crush on many women all over the world.

But he just recently said that the Puerto Rican beauty Katia Reguero Inserni had won his heart. Not only that, but they already have a little girl.

Also, they have decided to make their relationship official and are getting married soon.

Katia recently posted photos on social media with the tag “Future Mrs. Lindor,” which got fans pretty excited.

If you’ve been curious about the future bride, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll learn about the woman who had Francisco’s child.

francisco lindor wife

Katia Reguero: The Wife of Francisco Lindor

Katia Reguero Inserni is her full name. But she prefers to be called Katia. She was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, on April 9, 1994.

Katia grew up near the ocean because she lived in a beach town. She hasn’t eaten meat since she was a child.

Her parents are Maria Luisa Inserni Milam and Juan Reguero. They have two other kids besides Katia. Her sister is Kika Reguero Inserni and her brother is Janb Paul Reguero.

We don’t know much about the family, but we do know that Maria works as a lawyer in Puerto Rico. In the same way, her brother Jan played baseball in Puerto Rico and at his college, St. Mary’s.

Katia was always interested in music as a child, and she started playing the violin when she was very young. She can also speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese very well.

Also, her Instagram posts showed that she had surgery just a few days before she turned 25. It looks like she had an organ taken out, but we don’t know the full story.

Education of Katia Reguero

Katia was born in Puerto Rico, but she moved to the United States when she was young. Her brother and she both went to St. Mary’s University in Texas.

Katia got her Bachelor’s degree in international affairs and relations in 2018. In addition to that, she also worked there in the sports department.

Katia wants to go to law school and become a lawyer in the future. Her mother has been a big influence on her in this way. She has also worked at law firms in the past.

Even though she wants to be a lawyer, she hasn’t given up music or the violin. We can see that she often posts videos of her shows on Instagram. She seems to be a classical violinist with a lot of talent.

francisco lindor wife

The Relationship Between Katia Reguero and Francisco Lindor

Many people thought it would take Francisco a long time to start dating again after he broke up with his longtime girlfriend Nilmarie. But he got over the breakup pretty quickly and soon found himself attracted to Katia.

We don’t know for sure when they started dating, but based on their social media posts, it was around the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020.

Having A Child And Getting Married

Some relationships don’t need much time to get better. In the same way, the couple soon realized they were a good match and started making plans for a family.

They told their Instagram followers on January 7 that they were getting married. We know they are planning a December wedding because Katia posted about it on Instagram.

But the couple doesn’t need to get married to prove that they are together. Katia loves Mr. Smile so much that she has already given her an Instagram name for him: Reguero Lindor.

Katia is a Potterhead who will always love the Harry Potter books and all things popular. She will also dress her daughter in clothes with Harry Potter themes from time to time.

She is also very interested in green living. In 2020, she worked with a waste management company called zero waste to promote a healthy, sustainable, and low-impact way of life.

They have a daughter December 2020. They got along and enjoyed Christmas.

Lindor proposed to Katia on December 27. He did this for holiday spirit. Their infant daughter attended the garden celebration. Their daughter is Kalina.

The bride-to-be and her bridesmaids had a seaside bachelorette party in August 2021.

francisco lindor wife

Relocating to New York

The couple moved to New York after the shortstop was traded to the Mets. It was a bit of a surprise for them to move, but they seem to have done well with it. Carlos Beltrán and his wife, Jessica, helped them find a place to live in the city and get settled.

After moving to New York, Francisco said in an interview that they hadn’t seen much of the city because they had only had one dose of the covid vaccine.

He also said that Katia wanted to go to museums and art galleries in the city, while he was more interested in finding new places to eat.

At the beginning of 2021, the couple paid $2,9 million for a Florida estate in Montverde.

This beautiful mansion is on a 1-acre lot and has a house, a courtyard with a fountain, and a pool. There are five bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, and an exercise room in the master suite.

There are also a lot of other nice things in the house.

So that is all in this article “Wife of Francisco Lindor” We hope you learn something. So keep an eye out and stay in touch. Follow us on to find the best and most interesting content from all over the web.

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